R.I.P’d Off (Part 5)

I haven’t bothered to watch the program on “turf wars” aired yesterday. I’ll watch it tonight and give it my full attention next week!

Today I’m asking for the people we class as stars and celebrities to shine their lights a little brighter for the ones who support them and are forever hearing “I wouldn’t be where I am without you!”, well…that’s lovely an’ all, but talk is cheap! If you’re really grateful and you really understand that it is us spending our money on your overpriced tickets, clothing, smellies and shit you’d maybe wanna help keep us alive? #JustSaying.

The message has hit home to a few and I couldn’t bypass the brilliant job that Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers (my all time favourite American football team – no lie!) has been doing in supporting the cause. He can see the situation for what it is and is utilising his platform fully. He knows he risks losing endorsements and the respect of some fans but understands it doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. I whole heartedly applaud him for telling it like it is when the media was all up in his grill trying to catch him out and make him feel a way about what he’s been doing.

Why should he stand and respect a flag of a country that disrespects its people on every level without the majority of the time ever being held accountable? He understands the root cause and that people like you and me, no matter how much we shout about it, will seldom be heard. It takes his type, who have a bit of sway, to address the masses and talk up and it really doesn’t help when you get a few of us questioning why he’s doing it because “he ain’t even Black!”

Are you serious!?! Sit down and shut up and understand he’s well and truly awake and you’re still tired! Don’t diss him for coming correct like a lot more of us should be doing.

He’s had a reaction from the presidential candidate Donald Trump, who said he should “find a country that works better for him”. It says it all about the man who wants to run that same country – he literally told him to go look elsewhere because, as he sees it, the issues Colin and some others are trying to raise awareness of work for him, and there will be no place for the likes of him and the people he stands for if he’s in charge. It’s all good Trump, we kinda figured! We know you’re working hard at making Amerikkka grate again (no misspelling), Mexico gave us a heads up!

As much as I’m applauding Colin for his efforts I’m left puzzled as to why there’s not a flock of others willing to put their money where their mouth is and make a stand or take a seat for what they know in their hearts is something worth fighting for. WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU? Beyoncé I applaud you too for your efforts honey, but you need to get your hubby and friends in Formation, get the hot sauce out your bag and dash it clean the eyes of the enemy! #RealTalk.

I can think of at least 5 of your bff’s alone that could create a huge change. WHERE ARE THEY!?! What’s the hold up my brothers and sisters? How much more do you need to see before you realise that we really do need your help!? It makes me wonder if the whole illuminati thing IS really a thing?

I’ve heard stories and conspiracy theories and I really don’t know enough to get into it, but let’s say they did sell their souls to the devil for money and power; is that the reason they can’t really do or say too much or are they just greedy fuckers who are scared of losing what they believe to be, the be all and end all of life? I’ve got 21 questions but I’ll let you get cracking on those first!

The focus isn’t just in Amerikkka, the struggle is real here too, yet it’s a tad quiet on the home front. There’s a lot of skinning teet’ when her Maj’ decides to fling a piece of silver and a title at you, but where’s the support for your fellow Kings and Queens?

Will you be giving interviews about the attacks on the Notting Hill Carnival and the powers that be trying to put a negative spin on it despite the percentage of arrests being small in comparison to the amount of people who were there? Will you be asking Lizzie and Theresa for reparations for your fellow brethren so we can better ourselves and invest in our futures which was denied to many of our ancestors? Will you kind Sir?

I’m not saying their achievements don’t deserve to be recognised I’m just saying it would be nice if when they’re there skinning said teet’ with them they used their platform and highlighted what has been, and continues to be overlooked. That’s why I have to respect Howard Gayle for refusing his MBE and speaking up as to why. Like Colin he’s willing to show and prove he’s not all talk and actually gives a damn. The rest of y’all need to come out of hiding!

The last word is for my mate Tasha who asked me for my thoughts on the whole Kunte Kinte-Corrie debate. I told you I’d sleep on it and this is my conclusion; Coronation Street is a fictional drama series based on real life and Roots was a fictional drama series based on real life past events. In real life there were slaves and in real life there are dumb, ignorant, racist fuckwits so why not air it?

BUT if it’s based on “reality” can someone please tell me, as I don’t watch any British soaps, has there been a mention of Black Lives Matter in any episodes? Did Audrey and the family take a trip to Notting Hill Carnival, or at least Leeds to dab and dutty whine? I’m sure there are many in real life that did….but not down Coronation Street. In their reality none of that’s happening…but they’ve got the fuckwits down to a tee! Bravo!!

I’ve more of an issue with the real life events that are happening now and affecting us that are not being shown on the real life news than what was said on some dry ass fictional soap and I would urge the rest of you to do the same! #TheyCallItDramaForAReason

To those out there with the power of the platform: Sup up that lemonade!

It’s time for some, time for some ACTION!*

R.I.P Makayah McDermott and Rosie Cooper

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

*Brownie point if you can name that tune in one!😜

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