Out Of The Shade And Into The Light

No, I still haven’t bothered to watch the Gangland program yet! I’ve heard enough on the grapevine and can imagine the rest for myself but I’ll give it a fair assessment next week.

I had to change it up because I’m still really confused by something that blew up in the media recently, REALLY confused! When did being a star in the public eye give us the right to air disgust at a woman’s choice to not paint her face? In fact, that’s being too polite – who the fuck do certain people think they are?

I am, of course, talking about Alicia Keys and her appearance at the VMA’s. I’m honestly dumbfounded at how shallow these people are and the fact that they took the time out of their day to post how offended they were on social media.

I know the world’s gone mad for sure for many, MANY reasons and this crock of shit is definitely one of them. Why should she have to “pretty up” for the masses? Is her talent not enough that you want to own her face too? IT’S HER FACE!! You may think she looks better with make up on – that’s YOUR opinion and you are more than welcome to it, but I would say that in publicly doing so and the way some of you bitched about it says more about you than it does about her.

Your actions speak volumes that with all the troubles going on in the world right now you find the time to whinge about this.😑

Did she say she wouldn’t ever perform again until we free the face, rock its foundation and all follow suit? Did she start an #AllFacesMatter movement? Did she say she despises all those who choose to wear it and finds them all deplorable? No.

She made a choice, which is hers to make, and really should have no affect on your day whatsoever. How can you see beauty in a mask painted on her face but not in its purest form? Why is it more acceptable for us to accept a false image and shun reality?

In her case, even when they accept it, it’s only halfheartedly as she’s accused of having the money to look good naturally!🙈Really!? So how much money does that take then? I’m no expert but I’d figure it would cost more to buy all the paraphernalia you need to put your face on than soap, water and moisturiser.

Maybe the reason why her skin looks so healthy and glowing is the fact that she’s not clogging up her pores with crap and allowing her skin to breathe naturally. In my opinion you are fighting a losing battle when you bitch about having to cover up your bad skin with layers upon layers of slap to “look good”. Who is it you’re trying to impress anyway? If it’s purely self satisfying then go knock yourself out, but if it’s for the benefit of others; if they’re really so small-minded and petty as to only want to know you because of a mask you’re wearing are they worth all the effort?🤔

I’m not against make-up or those that choose to wear it but I’ve never been a fan. I’ve never owned or used more than 3 items in my life. My make up kit consists of eyeliner and lipstick/lipgloss and they only make an appearance when I’m going out-out and even then, after the first application has worn off it’s straight Vaseline on my lips!

I’m comfortable with the way my face is (for now! 👀), and I honestly can’t be arsed with any of it, but should circumstances change, IT WILL BE MY DECISION TO MAKE! And it’s not because I’ve always had perfect skin because I haven’t. I was your typical spotty teen and I’ve had some volcanoes erupt on my chin and forehead in my time along with the best of them, but I honestly believe my not trying to cover them up and feeding them more bacteria helped a lot to give me the skin I have today.

Yet even still, as much as I’m comfortable with it people still believe that to be classed as truly beautiful you have to have some form of enhancement. I’m getting married next year and have been asked by several people what am I going to do about my make up? Apparently I’ve got to at least get my brows done if not lashes and foundation. Erm….do I?…..Why? For whose benefit? I’m good and my fiancé has been happy with the same face for decades and on the day we finally decide to make things legit I intend on meeting him down the aisle with the same face he loves thanks!

Feel free to go full on Coco the Clown on YOUR day or any other day for that matter, but for me that’s not the one!✋🏾

I’ve watched the tutorials on how to go from duff to buff and the more layers I see being applied the more my face starts itching. On the real, some of these women deserve awards for the masterpieces they create because if you’d have shown me a before and after picture I would never have put them in the same room let alone say they were the same person.

Whether you’re a natural beauty or a work of art, as an adult that decision is yours and yours alone to make, and I don’t get why it should matter to anybody else – especially enough for them to get verbal about it. The REAL issues are with you not the person of your displeasure. As Alicia said, DO YOU!!

When you truly take that step you understand that it doesn’t matter what little love is shown from those who mean nothing to you. They’re all about the shade – picking the right one to blend in and throwing the rest in our direction. What they don’t understand is that no matter how much shade they throw, they can’t dim that glow!🌟

It comes from the inside out, and shallow people rarely get that deep. #RealTalk.


Congratulations Dame Sarah Storey, Team GB and all those rapping for their countries in the Paralympics.

Always Do You, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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