R.I.P’d Off (Part 6)

So I finally got around to watching Gangland: Turf Wars and I can’t say I was surprised or impressed by any of it to say the least.

Where to start!?! Let’s go with the title! Gangland: Turf Wars conjures up a very different image from the one that was aired. Mandem: London would have been more appropriate, as all I saw were a bunch of Black boys playing up to the cameras to tick all of the boxes on the list that the government has tight in its hand:

Black boy ✔️

Guns ✔️

Drugs ✔️

Violent ✔️

Anti-police ✔️

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – More ammunition for more ammunition!

Don’t doubt that Rita, Sue and Bob too will be fretting that their lives are in danger as these “gangsters” have made it clear their trigger fingers are itchy, and in proclaiming they’re saving bullets for the police too, they in turn deserve to be sufficiently protected to fight fire with fire.

Watch the ride people and never say never. Now it could well be that Mr BAFTA-Nominated-Paul Blake did extensive research and the only idiots fool enough to put their balaclava clad faces on tv were those fine specimens, but are you really telling me that out of the hundreds of gangs throughout Britain that’s all you could find?

No other colour or creed wanted to bally up and act the big’ un, no? None? Not enough turf in Britain so you had to take it to France too? A bunch of very misguided and dejected Black youths and one White arse is all you could muster, is it? In my opinion, much like the plugging scene, this documentary was highly unnecessary and full of shit.

In the wake of Brexit racial tensions are high enough as it is and this kind of production is made to add fuel to the fire. I’m not denying that there are some youths out there living this type of life and it is scary and senseless and people should know what’s happening, but why do we only ever hear about the bullshit?

Where’s the documentaries on the ones that made it out and are thriving and surviving? Where’s the two part special on where the drugs and guns come from originally and how they make it into the hands of these people? Where is the follow up on how afterwards they were offered a chance of help and guidance and here is the outcome?

I watched it and all I could see was wastage. Yes it is hard out there and there is no denying if you’re Black it’s that bit harder, but because the system isn’t built for us to thrive in it doesn’t mean that we can’t! There are other options than street life and the idea that you run them. You don’t. You just make it easier to decrease our numbers over senseless notions. #RealTalk.

I know it’s not easy for parents as some kids are just harden and no amount of talking or examples of death and destruction is going to change their minds, but we brought them into the world and we are responsible for them until they reach adulthood.

Some can still be reached and we need to keep trying to get through. They really are the future and God help the lot of us if they’re left to go the way they’re heading. Some of the reasons as to why they end up doing what they’re doing is because they either dropped out or were failed by the education system and the basic need for money or want of a more comfortable lifestyle.

I understand their reasons. Not everyone can be rocket scientists and we’ve all got bills to pay, but this get rich or die trying life ain’t really worth dying for. How about you get rich and live good? That sounds like a better plan to me! You seriously don’t need that Gucci swag to brag about your accomplishments.

The majority of us really couldn’t give a shit how much money you choose to waste making a rich man even richer, but as thick as you came across on screen you proved you could work together and run a business. Imagine if you could put as much effort and energy into a legitimate business?

Why wasn’t Mr Blake and his like offering you an opportunity to do better before handing out the GoPro’s to incriminate yourselves? Who’s REALLY running your “ends”? Reality check – IT AIN’T YOU! You’re just the puppets and you’re playing your parts well! #JustSaying.

There’s more to life than what you’re working towards. Allow the ends and focus on the bigger picture. One day it’ll all come into view and I’m hoping and praying it’s soon enough for you to make a change – and make a change!💷

Congratulations Skepta on winning the Mercury Prize. Show them the way my brother!

We Got This!, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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