A Series Of Posts Relating To Living Whilst Black.

Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I’ll rise.

Still I Rise ~ Maya Angelou

I purposely stay away from the news, and I haven’t really spoken on Black issues for a while – well, apart from the Alabama Brawl and the Montgomery chair – that will always have a special place in my heart!😂

Jokes aside, I couldn’t help but see numerous posts about Tory donor Frank Hester OBE, and his comments made towards Diane Abbott and in turn all Black women. He said, “It’s like trying not to be racist but you see Diane Abbott on the TV and you’re just like…you just want to hate all Black women because she’s there. And I don’t hate all Black women at all, but I think she should be shot.”

Following on from that a spokesperson released a statement saying, “Frank Hester accepts that he was rude about Diane Abbott in a private meeting several years ago but his criticism had nothing to do with her gender or the colour of her skin.”😑

You smell it right? I was about to break it down when I had a deja vu moment. I’d been here before. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating. Sure it was played out in a different way, but the root cause is still the same – and so it shall remain. So forgive me if this seems a little familiar.

A way to see it is like this; there’s a tree that’s overgrown and blocking your view, so you trim it back and it’s good for a while, but then the branches return and you’ve got to do it all over again. The issue will keep on returning and you won’t solve the problem permanently unless you uproot it.

That’s what racism is. A long ass root of a poisonous tree that’s way overgrown, and no matter how many times we clear a branch there will always be more waiting to spring forth and multiply, and people like Frank Hester are making sure those roots are well hydrated. 

Trust me, as a Black woman I have felt all the feels about the way we have been, and continue to be, disrespected and downtrodden. As a mother of daughters I would love nothing more than for them to live freely, without the negative attachments others attempt to force them to carry purely because of their melanin glowing skin.

Skin I have always encouraged them to love and cherish. If you have read any of the previous R.I.P’d Off! blogs you’ll note my passion when it comes to my people. And yes, I say my people. I’m well aware that we are all ‘one people’, but please miss me with the “I don’t see colour” ish! I see it. Every tone and every hue of every person, and it should be celebrated – whoever and wherever you are. No it doesn’t define you, but it’s part and parcel of who you are. Love the skin you’re in. Embrace others differences instead of shunning, labelling and degrading. 

When issues arise let everyone know exactly what’s been said and who said it. Name and shame – if that’s even in their vocabulary. Don’t believe that being quiet means they’ll get bored and it will be forgotten. Speak up and speak out. Speaking on racism doesn’t keep it alive, it’s doing that all on its own. Speaking on it brings awareness and allows for preparation. 

I’ve heard it being said that we should move on from certain aspects of history and look at how far we’ve come. I get it, and yes I’m thankhful that I can now wash my hands in the same space as you, but doesn’t something have to fully stop before you move on? That train may have slowed but it’s still fucking rolling.

Given time we can move on from history and atrocities but there has to be a level of acknowledgment and accountability that goes with it. You don’t get to gloss over it like it had no effect. 

On a personal note, I will NEVER forget that somewhere down the line my ancestors went through literal Hell and high water and strived to survive the utmost fuckery at the hands of White men. It’s kinda hard to forget when you still carry the name of their ancestors that put yours there.🫠

And don’t even get me started on reparations!

If there were ever a collective of people who had a genuine reason to spew hate and division but choose to show dignity and grace, Black women would be at the top of that list. I could run it down for you but like I said, this is all deja vu and I’m not about to go over it again. Instead I have a message for my Queens.

No matter who tries to convince you you’re not allowed to occupy space don’t be fooled and don’t quit; but focus on what you’re putting your energy into and the space you want to inhabit. Diane, Queen, to each their own and I got you girl, but when you decide to go sit in the snake pit expect to be bitten. 

I really can’t when it comes to politics; and no matter what kinda token they wheel out to persuade us they’re up for change and for THE people there’s a silent ‘IR’ they’re not telling you about.

Remember I said it goes root deep and it’s from an ancient tree. There is a hidden agenda to keep us distracted and at war, but it’s not so hidden if you really care to look. Fight the good fight, but be mindful of your reserves and conserve your energy.  For every Frank there’ll be 1000 more and if they all hate on me and my kind so be it. I don’t want or need their love or respect. 

Of course there’s the danger that his words may inspire others of the same thinking to take things a step further and incite more hate and/or violence towards us, but I am not prepared to live in fear. Fuck ‘em! I’m sick to the back teeth of that demographic thinking they own the world. Bring it!. When my time comes, it’ll come.

We have as much right to be here as anybody else. We ALL came to be and it’s proven we’re of the first people on Earth – you’d best believe we were put here for a higher purpose. Black Girl Magic ain’t a myth, you just need to tap into yours. We were blessed and kissed by the sun to receive her light and you need to shine my sistas!✨ 

Blind them with it! They’re deaf and dumb already, might as well go the whole hog!*

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives recently.

STOP THE GENOCIDE! Continuing to send love to Palestine, Congo, Lebanon, Uyghur, Syria, Sudan and all of the other nations suffering some sort of atrocity.🙏🏾🖤💚

*Gammon pun FULLY intended!

Keep Glowing Queen! Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

“I’m gonna knock you out

Mama said knock you out…

Mama Said Knock You Out ~ LL Cool J

So, full disclosure, I didn’t write a blog last week as I’d been in a bit of a funk due to this and that and *almost all of it a negative vibe.

It’s possibly my hormones, but I’ve been feeling hella emotional of late, and an Instagram post of a social experiment had me feeling all kinds of a way, despite me knowing better. There were 2 blind guys, one Black and the other White with a guide stick and dark glasses on and they had them individually walk down a high street and side up to a member of the public who was the opposite colour to them and hold on to their arm for support.

The results spoke volumes. When the white guy approached the Black people all but two continued to allow him to hold on and help guide him, and even then there were other Black folk with the 2 who didn’t help who stepped in and took their place and helped him. 

Reverse the roles and every White person shrugged him off and went about their business.

I felt that. And that’s just it, we feel shit. I’m not saying we’re perfect, and as is the same for most ethnicities there are the bad, uncaring and or prejudice/racist ones; but I believe for most of us our levels of empathy and capacity to love is greater than most. It’s almost as if it’s been passed down with all of the trauma, trials and tribulations of our ancestors. We understand what it’s like to suffer and be made to feel a lesser person and would more time choose love over hate. We will still give it regardless of whether or not we get it back.

Obviously you’d be a little startled at a stranger grabbing your arm out of the blue, I’m pretty sure I would be, but after assessing the situation there’s no way I’m not going to help, whatever colour you may be you’re human first. From the time those White folk assessed the circumstances and still decided to walk on by you know exactly where their minds were at. For some no matter what position we’re in we’ll always be a threat.

This is why when I hear things like, “I don’t see colour” or “If you stop talking about racism it will stop existing” it annoys the hell out of me. All you have to do is look at HisStory to see that’s a crock of shit. They would rather delete and deny their misdeeds or try to spin it and make it appear they were doing us a favour than admit it; and if we allow that to happen we leave the door wide open for them to try their fuckery again as it’s clear some are just waiting for those good ol’ days to return!

It’s people of that mindset that caused my mood to lift extensively and why I’m still laughing days later. I’ve said it time and again but, I FUCKING LOVE US!!!

If you don’t know you need to google the Alabama brawl. Long story short, a Black dock worker was minding his business and doing his job when a group of entitled White folk decided to start antagonising him, all under the watchful eye of a boat load of passengers and staff waiting to dock. True to their red neck roots, their energy took hold and they thought they’d assert their superiority and hit him. Well!! My brother threw up his cap and sent out the signal.

It started as one on one but when he started to get the better of the White dude his friends jumped in – and that’s when the magic happened. The Black folk cried a collective ‘Not today!’ – and it was on! It really needs to be seen to be believed as I can’t do the running commentary justice! It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Hear me when I say I don’t do violence. I can’t even stand watching boxing, BUT I’m a BIG believer in if someone hits you, tump their claart right back – especially in these circumstances. My mum always told me that and I’ve told my girls too. Turning the other cheek or being the bigger person and walking away only allows them to hit you again on the other side or push you down from behind. Their generations done had their fun and games with us – the buck has well and truly stopped here. 

Fuck around and you gon’ find out. You start it and we will finish it. That’s a **S.U.R.T! Just like those White folk in Montgomery we’ll show and prove that despite what you may think we can come together as one – and swim!🤣…well some of us anyway! I’m your stereotypical but working on it.😅

Shoutout to ‘Blaquaman’ Aaren, the young King who jumped from the boat and swam to the dock workers aid. I can only imagine the adrenaline levels to swim fully clothed and still have the energy to fight. Bravo young man. You set many examples that day without even realising it.

Another shoutout goes to the Montgomery Chair! One brother got creative and used a folding chair to fight them off!🤣…allegedly…👀…I hear they’re looking for him and I know nothing.🤷🏾‍♀️…👀…

Talking of creativity, the Black internet is truly undefeated when it comes to bussing jokes! I’ve laughed ‘til I cried seeing some of the memes, videos and songs in response. One thing about us is we’re gonna find a way to have a joke no matter the situation – and we know how to do it well!

But we can’t be all smiles all of the time. We have our limits and Black people on a whole have surpassed theirs when it comes to so called White superiority and supremacy. Pardon my French but you can suck out! I’m all for peace and love for all mankind, but my kind will get a bigger portion every time; and if my thoughts and sentiments disturb you or make you see me in a different light that’s on you. I’m good! 

Too many who have no real experience of what it’s actually like to live as a Black person wanna come and chat the most sheggery on how things should be and how we should behave. No, you shouldn’t have to big up your colour or creed but we’ve been done down for too long, despite bringing our culture, flavour and swag to every corner of the Earth, and we’ve learned the hard way that if we don’t show us love and stand up for us no one else will. Granted some of us could do with working on our unity a lot more but such is life. The rest of us will continue whilst you catch up.

I honestly could have burst with pride seeing that video. I love my people. I love my colour and I love myself enough to know that I will never let any White person try me or us – and I make no apologies. Y’all can have several seats!

https://www.instagram.com/reel/CvDFA_VIK2D/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Link to the social experiment

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Happy Chapter Six Wedding Anniversary to the Mr.😍

Love you long time King.🖤💚

*I visited the site of the new Daily Deposits home!😍 I can’t wait for the magic to commence!

**S.U.R.T – Straight Up Real Talk! Always!

Try Me And See! Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

Lately I have purposely tried to keep myself away from certain subjects that cause my blood to boil and pressure to rise. My emotions are already naturally high and hormones raging at the best of times, so for the sake of my sanity and stress levels I have tried to stay far away from any triggers. Tried…

If you live in England you would more than likely have had to be living under a rock to not hear some kind of talk about the Euros over the past month. Now, I don’t have anything against football per se, but what I seriously struggle with is the fuckeries that come with it. It’s not like it’s anything new, but you know when you’ve had more than you can bear to stomach? Well I’ve fully reached my limit.

I admit to having a little chuckle and head shake to myself when I’d heard folk chatting before last nights result on how unified the Euros were making Grate Britain. I distinctly remember thinking yeh, they’ll be unified right up until the time one of them puts a foot wrong; then we’ll see what unity means – and sure enough, here “we” are!

It may well be called the beautiful game, but with beauty comes the beast, and unfortunately it’s in the shape of the many supporters that chose to conduct themselves in that abhorrently racist, sickening, disgusting and utterly disrespectful manner.

People had asked me if I’d be watching and I told them straight, No. I really wasn’t interested and avoided all matches until last night, which I would have avoided too, but the Mr came up and put it on just in time for me to see the last remaining minutes of the main match and how events unfolded afterwards.

One thing HisStory has shown us, and that they keep making abundantly clear, is that as long as you’re of benefit to them then it’s all good. You’ll be tolerated and even applauded as one of “us”. But once you’ve served your purpose (Windrush), or make a mistake (miss a penalty), then they’ll let you know exactly where you stand. Gone is the jubilation for the team bringing them closer to victory than they have ever been in decades, to be replaced by hate, racist abuse and the same old rhetoric of fucking off back to where they came from.

I guarantee you that any Black person who watched the match, saw it go to penalties and then saw who Gareth Southgate chose to step up to the plate knew exactly how shit would go down should any of the Black players miss. Not one bit of it is surprising. The “fans” had already started their shenanigans from before they’d even entered the stadium. Mob, yob and knob mentality at the forefront and from the get go. Barging their way in and making themselves known as is true to their English form.

It may well be called the beautiful game, but with beauty comes the beast, and unfortunately it’s in the shape of the many supporters that chose to conduct themselves in that abhorrently racist, sickening, disgusting and utterly disrespectful manner. And I beg you please, miss me with the bullshit of it’s only a small minority that are the troublemakers. The ‘small minority’ really isn’t that small in the grand scheme of things. Their numbers are constantly rising, and due to the likes of the government and other establishments having a lackadaisical approach to racism, they feel no way in telling us how they truly feel.

Those youngsters played their heart out for a cuntry that would stab them in it in return. I highly applaud and congratulate them for their efforts and contribution to the game – which no matter how diehard a fan you are, you need to remember – IT’S JUST A GAME!! You win, lose or draw and life goes on – it’s really not that deep, and if it is that deep to you, you really need to get a life.

I know for sure if my son or daughter were a footballer I’d be discouraging them to play for England; regardless of whether they were born here or not. Sorry, not sorry. They don’t deserve their talent, most definitely not until real moves are made to deal with the issues they have when it comes to kicking out racism and the racist fans. I would actually love to see just how well they’d fair if it were down to the ‘true bloods’ alone and the n****s that let the team down went to play for the countries to which, as so many put it, they belong.

England may well have 3 lions on their chest, but they need to remember where lions originate from!

Maximum love and respect to Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka. You did ‘US’ all proud. #OriginalLionKings

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives recently.

Keep Blinding Them With Your Light, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

I put off writing about the current events happening in the world in regards to the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement for a reason. It was because I wanted to repost the previous R.I.P’d Off blogs to show and prove that this isn’t a new phenomenon and some of us have been shouting about it for years.

Yesterday I changed my mind, and it was in part thanks to a White ‘friend’. It all started with a post on Facebook. She was up in arms and disgusted at the London mayors proposal to possibly remove the statues of figureheads around the town with connections to profiteering from slavery.

She made her feelings quite clear. It’s just disgusting, history is history and it makes her so pissed. The majority of her friends agreed with her and commented about how we (Black people) wanted to try and rewrite history or erase it. They also spoke about the holocaust and how the Jews don’t carry on and make such a fuss so what’s our problem?

It’s funny how quickly and easy it is to be dismissed and perceived as the ‘angry Black woman’ when all you’ve done is politely speak your mind.

This is what I wrote back in response:

No one is asking to forget or rewrite history. They are asking you to acknowledge that this ‘great’ country was made great off of the backs of slaves. If it’s history and we should forget about it why are you getting all up in your feelings by having them removed? Shouldn’t you be doing the same? And comparing it to the holocaust is a joke. You acknowledge the holocaust and reparations were given for their treatment. We’re told, yeah it happened and what? Here’s a reminder on the daily! Whether they’re in public or in a museum where they belong it doesn’t change what happened in the past – but you could at least acknowledge the impact they may have on us.

My ‘friend’ saw fit to bypass and ignore my response, yet continued to interact and like other posts of those who shared her sentiment. As you can see I didn’t cuss, I just tried to politely put my point across but obviously that was too much. I scrolled back on her page and saw that this was the first mention she’d made of anything that had gone on previously in regards to this subject.

No disgust at the murder of George Floyd or support or empathy for her black friends – just anger over statues that I very much doubt she even knew existed before they were highlighted in the press, but such is life! I left it at that and moved on.

So then we come to Saturday, and the patriotic counter-protesters (🙄) who were supposedly protecting these precious statues in London by getting bladdered, fighting police, fighting each other, pissing on monuments, terrorising picnickers and generally being a bunch of racist, small minded dicks.

Funnily enough she had nothing to say about them. Crickets all round. But she did see fit to post about a Black pedophile who caused tremendous hurt and damage to a little girl. She was rightly disgusted and wanted him named and shamed.

Now, I understand her disgust fully and personally I hope he rots in whatever prison he’s in, but that post was over a year old and considering the current climate we’re in, I figured there were more important issues we should be focusing on today than to rile people up over something abhorrent that had already been dealt with.

So again I responded:

You’re right, he is a totally disgusting specimen and deserves all that he gets and then some. But I’ve gotta ask why you’re sharing something over a year old and you’ve got nothing to say about the mob that went out on Saturday to “protect” the statues you care so much about? Oh, my bad, is that classed as history too now it’s Tuesday and to be forgotten? Bye Felicia!🖐🏾

I decided that I couldn’t be arsed and unfriended her. She’d already shown me all I needed to see. But I was informed she responded back by saying she has nothing to say because she’s fucking sick to the back teeth of it all, Black, White, yellow, she doesn’t care. She just wishes everyone would get on. Seriously I need to calm down and she’s all for peace.

I need to calm down. Hmmm….

If you check it, it was she who wrote the angry post about statues and agreed with all of her angry little friends. I don’t recall her telling any of them to calm down and we should all get on. Not once did I use a cuss word or angry faced emoji, yet she did and so did her angry friends.

Yet I should calm down.

Black, White, yellow – she doesn’t care, but diss a concrete statue and it’s on! She’s got time to care about that!

She then decided to private message a family member – not me, and spin those go to lines of certain white folk of growing up with Black people and having mixed race family.

Can someone please explain to me just what the fuck that’s suppose to prove?

She also added that all this bitterness is getting no one anywhere. Which bitterness would that be? Me politely calling her out or the bitterness spewed out by herself and her angry little friends over statues? #AnswersOnAPostcard

It’s funny how quickly and easy it is to be dismissed and perceived as ‘the angry Black woman’ when all you’ve done is politely speak your mind. She’s not the first one to describe me in such a way, and as I really don’t give a fuck I’m sure she won’t be the last either.

It’s all good for her to be sick to the back teeth of it, but she was over it after 3 weeks. Try a lifetime then come at me! See how sick, tired, fed up, frustrated, confused, upset, disappointed, downhearted and pissed she feels then. And that’s just a few emotions at the tip of the iceberg.

Whilst her fellow patriots were busy ‘protecting’ statues and not being a menace to society in the slightest, I was busy at a peaceful protest on the same day in a local park. It was a beautiful day with no trouble and good vibes. Everyone came together for a common cause and it was truly a sight to see. I was asked to give a speech and admit to feeling flattered that they would ask but also nervous. I’m really not a limelight girl or public speaker, but I felt the need to come out of my comfort zone and show my support.

For the ‘friend’ who chose to ignore our plight and the rest of my readers I’ll end with the speech I gave. I hope it gives a little more understanding and incite into why we feel the way we do.

In life there comes a time when you look at a certain situation and come to the conclusion that enough is enough. I’d reached my limit a good while ago, but the horrific, public murder of George Floyd became the straw that broke the camels back for a lot more of us.

His murder may have been the catalyst for these protests and current events, but it is by no means the only reason why we find ourselves taking to the streets. For centuries the tale has been the same. Depending on how far back you go, HIStory will tell you of how great a country is, but deny or try to sweep under the carpet the reality of how that greatness came to be – and racism is key!

We have been – and for a lot of people will always be seen as the dregs of society. To be used, abused and disposed of accordingly. Racism runs deep within the police force and governments, home and away, and the reality is they were not created to benefit the likes of us. Only now are we slowly beginning to see change, but even still, the level of justice that is mete out to White people is highly disproportionate to those of colour.

They will throw statistics at us to prove our plight is a myth and we literally doth protest too much, but actions will always speak louder than words or figures on a page. It’s funny how people are incensed and raging over the removal of statues, but not outraged at the brutal loss of life they represent. That in itself speaks volumes. It seems like no matter what we do, or how we do it, someone will take issue with us telling the world that our lives matter and we deserve to be treated with respect.

You don’t even have to go way back to 1775 to highlight things. For example, look at how they handled the murders of Steven Lawrence and Mark Duggan. In 2015 the last reparations to slave owners was paid out. In 2015! It’s nearly 3 years to the day that the Grenfell fire broke out, with very little progress made in the enquiry and the Windrush scandal is still ongoing. I could happily stand here all day and give you example after example but what we really need is change. The system has been proven to be broken and corrupt from the core and desperately needs to be addressed and fixed, but that is not something we can do alone.

This is not a Black and White issue, it’s a humanitarian one. There are plenty that hate us but also an equal measure that have shown love and support from the start and from the heart. I know plenty who actually get it and understand that our cry isn’t about being selfish, it’s about being treated equally, respectfully and with dignity.

They are aware that White privilege is very real and they benefit from it on a daily basis without having to try. They understand that the privilege is the ease to walk and talk freely without fear of repercussions based purely on the colour of their skin. But to those who say that they are not racist or don’t see colour it has to be said that that is not enough. For real change to be made you need to be anti racism and acknowledge that yes, we are different shades, but it doesn’t make us lesser people.
I want you to see my melanin and embrace it, not deny it exists.

I’ll never forget my first racist encounter, and it was in this very town not far from here, by a blonde haired, blue eyed boy who spat at me and called me a nigger whilst I was simply minding my own business walking down the back of the high street. I’d love to say that that was my one and only experience but it hasn’t been. To those who have been lucky enough to not experience any racism so far in their lives, I’m happy for you, but please don’t dismiss those that have as talking nonsense. Who feels it knows it.

So, where do we go from here? Well, you’re never too old to learn, and it’s never too late for change. Racism isn’t genetic. To the White people who want to make a difference start by teaching your children to love not hate and educate yourselves on the real history of how your countries became so ‘great’.
Try to empathise and put yourselves in our shoes before you judge us.

To my fellow brethren, especially those who live in Slough, I say this; we need to focus on us and feel no way about it, and that’s not being divisive, it’s about coming together as one and celebrating us. Throughout the years I have seen nearly every other ethnic minority pull together and support their own without any issue. It’s more than time for us to do the same. It can be achieved we just need trust in each other, faith and to believe.

You can’t have a community without unity, and to the ladies that organised this protest today, my husband Chris Biggs, Rebecca Richardson, Tina Brooks, Tanya and Claudine Brooks-Carty, Anita Herbert and those who have already started in paving the way I thank you.
To the parents out there I’ll end with this, we need to teach our children that these postcode wars and fighting each other will get us nowhere and is bullshit! We will always be stronger together!

R.I.P George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and all those who have lost their lives this week.

Stand Up And Be Counted, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

“I ran into this girl, she said, “Why you always blaming? Why you can’t just face it? Why you always gotta be so mad?”

I got a lot to be mad about…”

Solange ~ Mad

I’ve actually lost count of the amount of stories I’ve read or clips I’ve watched over the past few months in regards to racist encounters. The tales are never ending and range in severity.

We’ve gone from the disgusting reversal of the promises made to the Windrush generation, to the death of 26 year old Botham Jean, minding his own business in his own home, only to be murdered by an off duty White police officer, claiming she didn’t realise it wasn’t her apartment….yeh, I’m still trying to work that one out too!

I’m sure you’ve seen at least one clip or heard of the police being called on people being Black whilst in a park, or a pool, or university, or sitting in a coffee shop, or a library, or on a train, or trying to enter their building…

I could go on but I’m guessing you get the picture. Many moons ago I saw a comedy sketch about something similar. Back then it was funny as it was an exaggeration of the abuse we were getting – now it’s actually turned into reality.

In Brooklyn a few weeks ago, a nine year old boy was out shopping with his family when he was accused of sexual assault by Teresa Sue Klein, aka Cornerstore Caroline. She claimed he brushed up against her and subsequently called the police. Thankfully it was caught on CCTV, and it clearly showed it was his backpack that had brushed against her as he passed her to exit the store.

As soon as I read it, the first thing to enter my head was this could have been the modern day Emmett Till. This boys saving grace is that we’re now in 2018 and cameras caught what had really happened.

You’d think that since 1955 a lot more would have changed, but we seem to be going backwards. Resident Chump and Brexshit have got folk feeling all kind of ways, and they’re mostly negative and inherently racist.

Last week 77 year old Delsie Gayle was racially abused on a Ryanair flight from Barcelona. David Mesher was upset that the pensioner didn’t move quickly enough when he wanted to get to his seat so he decided to let her and the flight know about it. He accused her of speaking to him in a foreign language and addressed her as an ugly Black bastard and a stupid cow.

The airline failed to act at the time, and the last I’d heard, they still hadn’t contacted Mrs Gayle. I have no doubt in my mind that if the same act were made by a Black person against an elderly White woman the results would have been much different. His ass would have been hauled off the plane and in a Spanish jail before you could say siesta!

I could go on with a list of examples but they all culminate in this. It doesn’t matter how much footage we have to prove we are the victims – there’s not much a White privilege card can’t cover. It has the ability to allow White people to give no apology or a half hearted one, and claim they are not racist despite the rhetoric that comes out of their mouths.

It has the ability to take the focus off of the crime they have committed and switch it so that the victim is made to look like a bad person who somehow deserved whatever they got.

It’s like a martini – it works anytime, any place, anywhere. As long as you’re lacking melanin you’re good to go! No need to worry about the effects their actions have on our young or old. Why would they concern themselves with the thoughts and feelings of a lesser being?

That’s what they have been believing we are for the longest while so why do we expect any different? In their eyes we should just be quiet and thankful we’re not out picking cotton, chopping cane or hanging from trees.

There are some things in life you can never truly understand unless you live it, but a little understanding goes a long way. You want to know why we’re so mad? Ignorance and stupidity. For centuries we have tried every which way to show you that the way you treat us is beyond way out of order. It’s disturbingly blatant, yet because it’s us it’s somehow ok and we should just suck it up.

You wanna be us; but you don’t want to be us!

We know it’s not all white people that hate, but the powers that be have shown throughout HisStory what they think of us. Amendments, laws, rules and regulations were made by privileged white men to protect their own kind, and I honestly don’t see any major breakthroughs in our “relationship” without some kind of revolution as a resolution. #IMO

We’re nearing the end of Black history month, and as I’ve already debated the whole ‘allocated month’ shit, I won’t go back there fully, except to say my history will never be confined to one month. We’re rolling straight on through baby!

I will never be anything but proud to be black. I love my people, I love my culture and have no desire to lighten or whiten to fit in or deny who and what I am. I won’t be silent or silenced. Last night I watched The Hate U Give and I encourage everybody to go and watch it.

It hits upon a lot of home truths on both sides of the coin and the message is clear for those who choose to see it.

We’ve come some way, but definitely nowhere near where we should be and need to be as a people. T.H.U.G breaks it down and highlights it beautifully. We need to stop the fighting between ourselves as we’ve got a big enough problem to deal with and we’re fundamentally making the job easier for them.

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week

OurStory, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy and blogging, for me, is a welcome release. Unfortunately I’m dealing with an ongoing issue that, to be completely honest, is draining but necessary.

The endless emails I’ve had to write took the joy out of me wanting to pick up my iPad and reel off to whoever chooses to actually READ my thoughts. (And I truly do appreciate and applaud you all – you’re a dying breed!). Then after watching the news recently I felt the old spark return and compelled to write.

You see part of my problem is having to deal with various government bodies and if I ever needed a picture of how fucked up this cuntry can be I have been shown with clarity. These recent events have just confirmed that they really are incredible. And not in a good way.

For those of you who pay any attention to the news, and especially those who still believe the lie being told and sold to the masses that Grate Britain isn’t run by a bunch of incompetent racists, your eyes should have been well and truly opened over the past couple of weeks. You will notice I’ve always spelt it as Grate Britain and now you know why. They constantly have the ability to rub you up the wrong way.

Yes, it’s the place of my birth and there are far worse places I could have been born in, trust me I’m aware and thankful, but that doesn’t mean because there are worse places I should accept their bad. I fully expect to receive the obligatory eye rolls and shouts of ‘sod off back to where you came from then!’, but I honestly couldn’t give a fuck.

You’ve gotta hand it to team GB – they’ve got balls! They’ll take pride in regaling on the past but conveniently omit the darker parts – pun fully intended – and tell us we need to let things go. The reality is a cuntry that at various time’s throughout history have invaded almost 90% of the planet doesn’t make you great, it makes you opportunist bullies and users.

You don’t even have to dig too deep to discover how the majority of the businesses that made you “great” were funded by the blood, sweat and tears of a lot of black and brown folk – you know, somewhere around the time you were being paid compensation for your loss of livestock after getting rich from years of free labour.

Fast forward to the present day and here you are again trying it! Only this time it’s not as easy to sweep us under the carpet. You colonised and created the commonwealth to benefit you all the while maintaining you were doing a good thing to help out those poor, unfortunate and uncivilised black souls. Thank God for the British rule. However did we manage before you came along?

It’s nice to jet off to your holiday home in the Caribbean to top up your tan and sip on a rum punch, yet when the storm comes and we’re looking at you for assistance we’re somehow not sheltered under your umbrella-ella-ella-eh EH? And you wonder why they took so long when the hurricanes struck! That’s the problem with sticking your oar in and announcing your authority. At some point people are going to question your interference and ask you to show and prove.

YOU asked for the so called ‘Windrush Generation’ to come over here and they came to meet a cold front on many levels yet knuckled down and grafted hard to build you up again. There’s no denying their contribution and this is how you repay them. When I hear stories of people denied cancer treatment or stuck in the Caribbean unable to make it home for their mothers funeral it makes my blood boil and my heart sink.

You’d rather real terrorist threats stay here yet deport people who have proved their worth and dedication for decades. At the very least they could have kept the boarding cards as memorabilia before putting them in a shredder and throwing them out with the rubbish, but it says it all really.

You may have offered up Amber Rudd as the sacrificial lamb and replaced her with a token figure to try to placate us, but that don’t mean a thing. This shit runs deep and has been flowing for a lot longer than I’d realised. Now they want to add insult to injury and have voted against public disclosure. Why Grate Britain? What more have you got to hide? It can’t be much worse than what we’re aware of surely, and if it is you may as well rip the bandage off and fix the issue. It’s ok – we’re not going anywhere.

3 years in remission today! Woop! Woop!

R.I.P little cuz Aliyah and to all those who have lost their lives this week

May The 4th Be With You, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

On Friday I was blessed with the news that I’m still in remission. As you can imagine it’s a relief to know you’ve managed to keep cancer at bay for another year.

You can’t help but reflect on life at these times, especially after the reality check that having it and beating it gives you. I don’t entertain certain things or people anymore as I appreciate the value of time, but there are some things that will always grab my attention and OurStory and the equality of my people is one of them.

This past week too many stories had me shaking my head and feeling a whole range of different emotions, proving yet again how messed up certain types can be.

I’ll start with the lesser evil and those who took the time out of their day to bitch about Jamelia addressing the lack of ethnic diversity in dolls in toy stores over here. I understand this wouldn’t be of interest to many but, in my opinion, she does have a valid point and she chose to talk up about it. I read some of the responses from viewers after she appeared on This Morning and they accused her of being racist and causing race issues that aren’t even there.

Well, if they cared to listen she was actually proving the point that there is an issue if you’re a shade other than White. Yes, there are many other colours that aren’t in the mix either, but if the redheads or Chinese want to make noise it’s their choice and right as it is hers. If you don’t want to hear it #WhyDontYou switch off your TV set and do something less boring instead?

I would suggest the hate has more to do with the fact that she’s not afraid to use her platform and chooses to highlight her experiences and the inequalities that she sees. Being the mother of 2 beautiful Nubian princesses myself I have the utmost respect for her telling it like it is and showing our daughters we have a right to talk up!

It’s a bloody hard, testosterone filled world out there and it’s even harder if you’re a woman and harder still if you’re a Black woman. #RealTalk. We have shown resilience like no other during slavery and before then we were queens; we need to regain our crowns and I applaud Jamelia and all of the other positive Black females out there showing their sistas some love and acknowledgement.

Another woman (by no means a sista), who loves to utilise her platform to the max is Katie Hopkins. She decided it would be appropriate to tweet a poster of a new Netflix series Dear White People with the words; ‘Dear Black people. If your lives matter why do you stab and shoot each other so much’, which is as relevant as me tweeting a picture of Criminal Minds with the words; Dear White people. If your lives matter why are you serial killers and psychos. This woman just loves to run her mouth and stir up shit and there are plenty that lap it up.

Although she removed the tweet she’d already said what she truly feels and believe there are plenty who feel the same way as her, and when you get programs like Inside The Gang airing tonight it’s adding more fuel to her fire. I won’t be watching and would urge you to do the same.

I’m sick and tired of trifling Channel5 and their documentaries on this subject. It’s the same content with different characters. Where are the positive, uplifting and inspiring ones of our youth? Trust me they can be written if they choose to do so but they continue to pump out this crap. If you do watch it I suggest you reread  and get back to me on if any of my questions have been answered this time around!

And now we come back to the trigger happy police in good old AmeriKKKa. I was saddened but unsurprised at the outcome that the Baton Rouge officers that took Alton Sterling’s life will not be charged over his death. I’m still trying to comprehend how, even with video evidence, they still find a way to justify taking his life. There is still the opportunity for state authorities to pursue their own criminal charges against Blane Salamoni and Howard Lake ll but I won’t hold my breath!

One officer who did actually get charged over the fatal shooting of another young black teenager is Roy Oliver, who opened fire with a rifle on a car full of teenagers leaving a party. He had said that their car was backing up towards them in an aggressive manner yet their body camera footage shows the vehicle was actually driving AWAY from them.

Now imagine there was no footage. Whose word do you think they’d believe when it came to telling what went down? The new US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said the Justice Department is committed to holding individual officers accountable when they break the law, yet he also believes too much federal scrutiny of police departments can diminish officers effectiveness and hurt morale. Where do you think his priority is going to lie? #NoJusticeItsJustUs

When I see things like Sulley Muntari being banned for walking off the pitch after being racially abused and the Italian football officials saying that not enough fans had taken part in the abuse to trigger action, you know we’ve still got a hell of a way to go.

10 fans is 10 too many and they should be the ones being reprimanded not the player. They eventually decided to lift the suspension after global condemnation but why did it take GLOBAL condemnation for them to see what’s right? Why is it so easy for others to tell us what is acceptable and how much we can tolerate? How do you expect us to “get over” our past when the struggle still remains very much real and little seems to change? #AnswersOnAPostcardIfYouPlease

Congratulations to the 82 Chibok girls who have finally been freed. Here’s hoping your sisters left behind will be joining you soon.

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Stand & Deliver Your Dignity Or Your Life, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

⚠️Warning: There’s strong language from the start. If you are easily offended you may want to allow this one!

Now I don’t want to bring a negative vibe, and to be fair this week hasn’t been all bad, but have you ever had one where you’ve dealt with or heard the most eye twitching, head shaking, brain numbing, frustrating, teeth gritting, blood boiling, deep breath inducing, would-be-funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-sad FUCKERY? I have, and coming from fellow brothers and sisters it’s quite disheartening. And as I’m the sharing type, I’ll give you a whiff of the shit I’ve happened across along my merry way.

Firstly I’m going to address the words of Ben Carson, who is the current US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump administration. Now this man is a legend in his own right.

Before losing his mind he was the Director of Paediatric Neurosurgery from 1984 until his retirement in 2013 and performed some truly amazing and pioneering surgeries in his time, including the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head. Phenomenal! This man has worked wonders and has more accolades than you can shake a stick at which deserves a big WOW, and he’s still performing wonders by managing to prove how highly intelligent people can function whilst suffering from severe brain damage.

Mr Carson gave a speech on Monday which included this gem; “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

Really Ben? Really!? I’d hazard a guess that wasn’t the kind of dreams they were having whilst being forcibly taken from their homeland and shackled in the bottom of a ship, and if they were, it wasn’t that land of prosperity and happiness they wanted to see their family thrive in. Samuel L. Jackson summed it up neatly in one tweet! I know his use of the word motherf****r is a harsh one but it derives from a time where Mr Carson’s mind seems to have lapsed back to.

I heard there was a new superbug called the DJT45 Virus that’s infecting the brains of the susceptible and it has a whole host of nasty side effects – it’s possible he’s caught a dose. Or maybe he went one surgery too far and experimented on himself with disastrous results – his grey matter fading to a funky shade of off white, causing severe damage to the realness neurone. Shit can happen!

Either way, what was he thinking? How can he seriously compare the two? (They were both rhetorical questions by the way). He’s shown us what he is; a White House N****r plain and simple. He’s backtracked on what he’s said now but with little effect. The damage had already been done from the time he decided it would be appropriate to air that fuckery in the first place. #TakeTenBenAndLie Down

Moving swiftly on, I watched a 10 minute video that in itself evoked all the emotions in the first paragraph. It was of two men (well, one man and one wasteman) discussing what was happening on the streets today. The wasteman chose to keep his face hidden and pixelated for anonymity, though he’s apparently friends with the interviewer and they didn’t do anything to disguise his voice so if you’re from their “ends” I’m sure you’ll know who he is.

In all honesty just listening to him speak made me want to punch that cunt in the throat. Anyway, I’ve digressed from my main point which is it was a very candid discussion with this “man” explaining how things work. The first thing I noticed was how he got quite defensive when described as a roadman. He made it clear he’s not a roadman fam! He gets the youth to move the food (drugs) so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty, yet it’s ok for him to have our youth doing his dirty work for him. But what does it matter, they’re getting paid right?

He purposely targets and encourages vulnerable children, especially those with no father figures in their lives, with a flash of the cash and a promise they’ll be living large and don’t have to work a £7.20 pittance of a job. He tells it straight – they are easy targets and a great catch when you get them young. He is the role model they’re looking up to.

In this day and age where material things mean more than anything the temptation is mighty real for a lot of them out there and he’s the modern day Fagin, sowing the seeds in impressionable young minds. Yet, when asked about his own children he was adamant that they would never be a part of that life, never get trapped.

He went as far as pulling what I think was a bullet out of his pocket to reiterate the lengths he would go to to protect them but he continued to glamourise the life and suck other people’s children in. If it’s so great, why wouldn’t he want it for his own flesh and blood? Hypocrisy much?

He touched on risks and consequences but they were only mentioned in regards to what would happen should someone lose his goods or try to swindle him and very little to do with the hard time they’d be doing should they get caught, in fact he stated that he’s not about going to jail which is why he encourages the youngers to do his bidding.

He blatantly mocked the interviewers good intentions and told him he could send out all the positive vibes he wants – they ain’t listening! The legitimate life is not the one that is going to get them the things they want. He’s making the most of the situation because that’s life and the way of the street. He made a good point on some of the wotless mothers out there who know what their child is doing, but as long as they’re bringing home that paper, it’s all good! No bitch, it’s not!

But then a lot of those mothers were babies having babies with not a lick of common sense so it’s inevitable that they’d think that way. Thankfully his words were not enough to put his friend off, and he eventually became so disgusted with their talk that he cut it short stating that he would continue to try and get through to the youths, which brings me to my conclusion on this subject.

I had a discussion recently about what they should be teaching our kids in school. I said that real life skills and knowledge should be on the curriculum where as my friend said it should be taught at home. My point is just because people become parents it doesn’t automatically mean they have what it takes to raise a child and teach them how to survive in the real world. Not all are cut out for the role or deserve the title and a lot of them are less mature than their bloody kids!

School is where you go to learn so teach them things that will help them once they pass the school gates. I would love to see people like the interviewer go into schools armed with things like the video and break it down to the kids – the same way the wasteman recruits them when they’re young, they need to know to watch out for these predators from young too.

Play the footage, pause it and make them understand each statement and that matey isn’t working in your best interest but his. As much as he seems like a father figure he wouldn’t have his own son or daughter living the life he wants you to so how has he got you? #RealTalkIsTheKey

The last waft of fuckery falls under the unnecessary bracket! Understand I am a superwoman of sorts, but I admit I am lacking in certain abilities – like flying and mind reading. It has come to light recently that I’ve upset a friend because of my inability to do the latter.

Apparently I should automatically know what they are thinking or how they are feeling and make them my priority despite what is happening in my life or their inability to be adult enough to tell me to my face or respond to communications. I can only imagine how I’m being portrayed by said friend as they can be quite a character to say the least, but at 42 I know my worth and am well over playground antics.

I have more than enough sincere and genuine friends in my life to have me begging anyone’s friendship so move and go ‘long with your petty fuckery, I’ve got bigger and more important fish to fry!
Rant over! Over and out!!

R.I.P to ally hose who have lost their lives this week.

Big belated love to all of the women of the world for Women’s Day!

Allow The Fuckery, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

Yes, I’m aware it’s the day AmeriKKKa officially confirms the madness but I really ain’t got time for that! I’ll be unwittingly seeing more than enough of Trumps face in the media over the next four years without me spending my precious time purposely tuning in.

There’s nothing about it I want to see and the fear I had of an assassination when Obama took the stage is most definitely not present in this case! FAR, FAR FROM IT!!

I’d rather discuss something else that’s happening today. It’s the UK release date of The Birth Of A Nation. I doubt that you’ve heard much about it and I don’t have to think long and hard as to why! It’s the story of Nat Turner, a slave preacher who led a two day rebellion of fellow slaves and free men in 1831.

They rolled through plantations freeing slaves and recruiting others and killed over 60 white men, women and children in the process before being captured and dealt with accordingly. And why would you want to watch it Dawn? I imagine it’s not the most comfortable viewing but, well, neither is Roots or 12 Years A Slave, but I guess it’s always more palatable to watch a Black man of that time suffer and/or die as it’s what we’re use to seeing right?

The fact is, as you can imagine, when you’re treated like a dog for so long one day you’ll bite back. For the majority of us we were tolerant, patient and full of the belief that better days gon’ come….for the rest they weren’t willing to wait for their freedom and took a stand.

I’m not saying I agree with the slaughter but I can understand the horrors they’d lived through, witnessing their own women and children being used, abused, tortured, raped, sold and murdered for years – that has to have a psychological impact without a doubt. It’s not an excuse for it, but it’s a very good reason and incite into the desperation they must have experienced to go to those levels. #RealTalk.

Funnily enough, this film didn’t do so well in AmeriKKKa. The first reason is in the title itself. Written and directed by Nate Parker, he chose the title from a 1915 film of the same name (although it was originally known as The Clansman), a 3 hour long film that basically glorifies and makes heroes of the Ku Klux Klan and is credited as being inspiration for their second era.

Ironically, it was also the first AmeriKKKan motion picture to be screened at the White House. Yeh…just let that sink in for a min! No doubt Donald’s looking to dust off the reel for a hit of nostalgia at the after party tonight. Ahhhhh, the good old days! #LetsMakeAmeriKKKaGrateAgain

Another reason for it taking a hit was the fact that back in 1999 Nate Parker was accused and found not guilty of rape. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a heinous act to say the least, but he was put on trial and cleared. He has never shied away from it and has always maintained his innocence but that makes very little difference to some. The Birth Of A Nation birthed a lot more hate than anything else.

You see the girl in question was a White girl – which really should make no difference at all – but in 2016 AmeriKKKa, with tensions high and Trump rallying the White Walkers, it was enough to get the hate train rolling despite it being some 17 years earlier that he was accused and acquitted. That, added to the insolence of using the name of a “classic” to virtually blacken its content – OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Well…they would if they could, but they couldn’t, so they did the next best thing; lock it and knock it down – or at least try. Most media outlets will tell you it’s disappointing and not worth watching. Certain cinemas in AmeriKKKa told customers it was sold out and suggested other films knowing full well it wasn’t, therefore making it look like there was very little interest in it and it was classed as a box office disaster. Job done!

Reality bites sometimes but it is what it is and the Nat Turner story was a reality. Over the years they’ve portrayed all the different sides to slavery – why the big problem with this one? Because 60 Whites died?

How about you compare it to the thousands of Black people that died in slavery over the centuries or even the 200 that died in retaliation for the revolt itself – the majority of whom had nothing to do with it – AND the fact they tightened the laws after that to hold us down even further.

I don’t know why I’m asking because to those types there is no comparison and never will be because no matter who we are or what we do, to them being White Trumps all – they are the fine china to our disposable plates.

It may well be a shit film but I’ll judge that for myself and I encourage you to do the same.

R.I.P to those being laid to rest today and to those who have lost their lives this week

Condolences to AmeriKKKa on this sad and sorry day.

Fasten Your Seat-belts, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

Yep, we’re going back to Black this week! There are 3 main reasons for me doing so. Firstly, the absolutely disgusting and sickening event of four Black teenagers arrested in Chicago for kidnapping and torturing a mentally ill white man. Words almost (but not quite!) fail me as to what the Hell they were doing – or smoking – because that’s some next level kind of madness.

This should never, under any circumstances have ever occurred, but I’m glad they filmed it and put it out there as absolute proof that they were responsible for those sick and twisted actions. Things like this go to undo the good the rest of us are trying to do, causes more hate and more watching us sideways. There are no excuses and it is what it is, but it isn’t all of us that think that way or would use those actions.

I have no doubt that they will be dealt with swiftly and bang to rights in no time at all – and rightly so. You commit a crime, especially one like kidnap and torture, you most definitely deserve to do the time! Caught on camera too!?! Goodnight sweetheart, it’s time to put your head down.

My heart honestly goes out to the victim and I hope that he gets all the help he needs to recover. It’s not nice being the victim of any crime when you’re fully functioning let alone mentally ill and chosen simply for the colour of your skin.

I highly applaud the efforts of the police in dealing with things as simply and effortlessly as they did; job well done. It’s nice to have faith in a system that can decipher right from wrong and put the bad guys away….the ones that count to them anyway, and yeh, I’m going there!

Unless you are totally oblivious to what’s happening in the real world it cannot have escaped your notice the flaws in the justice system when it comes to addressing black people.

For the majority of us the majority of the time, we have already committed the crime of being Black whilst breathing so innocent or not, we already have a strike against us. Why is it so hard to get a conviction when the colours are reversed and there is clear evidence of wrongdoing? Not so swift then is it?

I read a few comments made by some white people when it happened and saw what I expected to see in such a case. A lot of blaming the Black Lives Matter movement and “typical Black people”. I’m not sure where these people are living that that is the typical behaviour of the black people they know, but I’d suggest a move sharpish! I’m sure they’re not generalising at all!

A comment I saw that stuck with me was of one guy saying he doesn’t understand why black people continue to fight a losing battle. He said white people have always had, and will always have the power and it’s been that way throughout time so we should know our place by now and accept we’ll always be the underdogs.

Now he may well have been a troll for all I know but I have no doubt there are many that believe in that kind of thinking. He’s right though, it is evident as he stated that that has been the case for a mighty long time, but in that same vein he should know by now that WE AIN’T QUITTERS! #RealTalk.

We’ll always be that itch you can’t quite scratch; you know that type that gets right under your skin….

Moving on to the second thing that caught my attention and made me happy and sad at the same time; the sentencing of Dylann Roof. For those who’ve forgotten who he is, he’s the unbelievable piece of work from South Carolina, who after being welcomed with open arms into the oldest Black church in the South, and sitting with them for 45 minutes, decided to then fire seventy five bullets at them killing nine and injuring three others. You don’t really get much lower than that.

In present times it would not bode well if he had had a soft sentence considering the pampering and pussyfooting around him from arrest to conviction. It’s funny how when it comes to us they can call a spade a spade (pun intended) but when it’s Dylann and his type, they’re just fifty shades of confused.

For me I’m more than happy that the death sentence was given as he’s shown not one iota of remorse throughout it all. I’m glad he gets to suffer for a while contemplating the only joy he has left in his life….what will my last meal be? Fancy a Burger King you sonofabitch!?!

I’m all for an eye for an eye in this case. He took away eighteen, I’ll have his two. I’m hoping this gives the families some kind of peace. There’s no doubt they’d much rather have their loved ones here but at least they don’t have to suffer complete injustice on top of it.

And finally I couldn’t bypass the final speeches of the POTUS and FLOTUS! If you know you know that Presidents are just the puppets on display so I won’t go into the politics but as the people they are. I can say from the heart that as AmeriKKKas first Black President and First Lady you’ve done us more than proud.

I love the way you handled your business with style, dignity, class, grace, humour and compassion with a hint of swagger on the side! You raised two beautiful daughters and the love you have for each other is blinding. Not a whiff of scandal or dodgy stains on people’s clothing – (wait…was that Olivia Pope just leaving?👀) All jokes aside they set a fine example for us all.

They will undoubtedly be missed by many and I have a feeling that in four years time a lot of their haters will be wishing they could turn the clock back, in fact I’m sure it won’t even take that long.

Big up yourselves Brrrrraaappp Obama and Michelle. Did you show them what you’re working with? YES YOU DID!

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Do Us Proud – Don’t Do Us Down, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife