R.I.P’d Off (Part 4)

This is long and a bit sweary but worth a read and a share, especially if you’re from Slough!

R.I.P’d Off covers issues that mainly effect Black people and just this week alone there are a number of them I could pick from but after hearing the fuckery that I heard a few days ago this took precedence as it’s happening in the town that I live in – and where better to start than home?

I need to try to clear this shit off my doorstep before one of my daughters accidentally treads in it and brings it in my home! To say I’m pissed off with what I’m hearing doesn’t even cover it! I love my people but I’m building up a heavy intolerance to a few – as a good friend would say, I’m allergic! Today it’s your turn “Mandem”.

I know I’m gonna sound like an old fart now but bear with me, I’m only 41 so it’s not that long ago that I was born and bred in Slough and I have never lived anywhere else…yet! It’s not the greatest town but it’s home and I’m comfortable(ish) in my surroundings.

When I was younger there were no “ends” and in my opinion the government have a big part to play in the creation of the dickheads who go on about them. We had play centres, youth clubs and a sense of community. Almost every part of Slough had a play centre and you would go and check mates in different ones, play pool, badminton, basketball, football, whatever took your fancy. They’d be parties, jokes and generally a good vibe.

No, it wasn’t The Get-Along-Gang all the time, and a few people would fall out every now and then but the majority of the time it was cool. Then the government in their infinite wisdom decided to close them all and hand the youth over to technology and out on the streets and low and behold – the “Mandem” were born.

Call me old fashioned but I honestly believe if they were still around today things would be different. We might even find a new Olympic champion who turned their life around after discovering a love for badminton or basketball, you never bloody know, stranger shit has happened! Sometimes the simplest solutions solve the biggest problems. #RealTalk.

I’m so tired of the same old story: man’s gotta shot and brandish guns to be considered a bad man, spend x-amount of money on fancy cars and other materialistic shit whilst running down a next “man” whose not from “ends” who tries to invade their territory and swindle them out of what’s theirs blah, blah, blah.

You would rather risk your life or freedom to make that paper, it’s all good as long as you can floss that Rolex! You like to call yourselves the MANdem but our definitions of a man are very different. In my eyes a real man knows life is worth more than silver and gold. He’s trying to build a solid foundation for himself and his own so when the big, bad wolf comes around he won’t have to run and his house won’t get blown down, ya get me fam? No, you probably don’t, because it’s hard to see the bigger picture when you’re only focused on the corners.

We all know it’s not easy out there for us but you lot are making it harder. I understand the need for a little side hustle if things get tight but it shouldn’t be a career choice.

All you do when you glorify your ‘thug life’ is plant seeds in young impressionable minds and give the police the excuse they’ve been looking for for so long to arm themselves on the daily; and we’ve all seen how well that works out for us in other countries.

All the while you’re making it easier for them by wiping each other out over nonsensical bullshit. FUCKING ENDS!! THEY’RE NOT YOURS. YOU DO NOT OWN THEM!! WAKE UP MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

There are better ways to do for you and yours and if we pull together we could all be living well. I really don’t understand the risks you choose to take so you can have it all now – but for how long will you have it?

Wouldn’t you rather have something you can enjoy without having to look over your shoulder to keep it secure or ever getting to really enjoy it because you’re doing time or dead? I truly believe everyone has something they can bring to the table. This shit can work and we are stronger together.

Even the real fucking G’s that you try so hard to emulate are standing together so hurry up and follow this trend as quickly as you follow the rest! I’m behind any one who tries to better themselves and the community and will try to support you as much as I can, but when I’m asked to share videos about us bringing each other down over bullshit when we are being wiped out on a daily basis just for being black and innocent people get caught up in the crossfire, I’ll pass thanks.

Call me what you want (and I’m sure you will), but I really couldn’t give a toss! I’m not about that life or advocating it, unlike the mediaagghh who I see are advertising a new documentary on gangland/turf wars around Britain. It’s not a coincidence they’re putting this out there on the tell-lie-vision now with all the racial tension from Brexit surfacing – more ammunition for more ammunition!

So that being said I want to bring to your attention the absolute fuckery I learned of this week. By all accounts there’s a gang of little fuckwits in Slough who believe they have the power to bar girls from certain areas and if they have the audacity to step out of their bounds they’ll get a beat down……Yeh you heard me right – they will beat a girl down for walking in their own town – nothing more. And it’s actually happening.

They’ve managed to brainwash some girls into beating them as a form of initiation and they are being pulled down a slippery slope. I’m going to urge parents to start taking more of an interest in what your children are doing, TODAY!!

We need to teach our daughters to never disrespect each other without a bloody good reason, and never because a man tells them what to do! Once that starts, where’s it going to end? Be aware of what’s going on on your children’s social media sites, and more seriously we need to pull together and put this shit in check.

How is this happening in Slough? Seriously, HOW!?! Who the fuck are these BOYdem? I strongly suggest you find out what your children are up to BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and if you find out your child is connected to this mess have a strong word. Don’t just take their word for it that everything’s cool – check and triple check that you know what’s going on before you jump to little precious’ defence when shit goes down.

Explain consequences to them for their own safety, because one day they’re gonna pick on the wrong girl – like MY child for example, and then they will know about consequences.

I’m all about peace and love, but only to a certain degree. You don’t put a hand on my child unless she puts her hands on you first, which she shouldn’t because I’ve taught them better than that, but if they ever do, feel free to address me because if the roles are reversed I will be addressing you, and I know damn well that their dad won’t have it; AND IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY! You have been warned!!

YOU DO NOT DICTATE WHERE MY CHILDREN CAN GO IN THEIR OWN TOWN, OR OUT OF IT! Who do they think they are? Despite what these little fuckers think, they don’t run things and I’m hoping that it has only gone so far because not enough people are aware – well now you are, and I’m sure the community spirit will kick in again……or just straight kicks will suffice – I’m down for whatever! #JustSaying.

So to the established “Mandem” I urge you to take a good look at how you’re living and check out what’s growing from the seeds you plant. I know some of you have daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins – are you telling me you’d be cool with your princess or relation getting battered for crossing some imaginary line cos ‘man a bad man’ and runs these ends? No, I didn’t think so!

Adam Gemili I feel your pain but you did Team GB proud! #YourTimeSoonCome

R.I.P Dalian Atkinson, Lance Walker, Andre and all those who have lost their lives this week

Omran we are praying for you and Syria

What You Sow You Reap, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    The truth is knowledge, knowledge is power. Tell them again Dawnie. These so called BOYs Dem and I Mean Boys need a good slap from the real MAN dem! (Not saying violence is the answer) but perrleaaase about you can’t go here or there in your own home town where you were born and your parents were born and some grandparents were born. These wanna be gangsters are just wasteing their lives but it’s that old saying ‘you can’t put an old head on young shoulders’ Keep writing Dawn as your words can and will change some minds out there and their outlook on life. Stay blessed. Xxx


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