Earthdays, Old Ways And Blessed Days

“Blessed to have another moment

Some more time spent

Some more minds to get into

Blessed to have another daydream

Another maybe


Blessed 2 Have ~ Floetry

I was fortunate enough to celebrate my 49th Earthday a few weeks back, and thankhs to The Mr, it was one of the most beautifully peaceful days I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. 

It was spent exploring the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech, with glorious sunshine and beautiful people. In our efforts to find a munch we almost drove past a modest sign outside of an ordinary looking wooden gate, but our companion thought the name rang a bell so we drove up to it to be greeted by a friendly face enquiring what it was we needed. 

We waited at the gate whilst he called someone who could help us, and a few minutes later we were greeted by another friendly face who asked if we had a reservation. At this point I still wasn’t exactly sure what this place was but we said that we didn’t and he told us that it was fine and they’d accommodate us, then asked us to pull into a parking space outside the front of the building.

I assumed it was a restaurant until we stepped out of the car and made our way into the foyer and our greeter informed us of what they actually offer, which was one of the most stunning olive garden retreats I’ve ever seen🤩…ok, the only stunning olive garden retreat I’ve ever seen – but it was honestly breathtaking.*

As I soaked in my surroundings I felt truly blessed to be. I had three of the best things in life with me – breath, love and sunshine. I’m a woman of little wants and needs and that there was me to a tee! I could have sat there a lot longer than we did and I will most definitely be going back, higher power willing.🙏🏾

When I got home, as I find myself doing a lot lately, I reflected on the time I’d had and the wonderful way the world works with hidden surprises and the power of connection. All it takes is patience and observation. I’ve had time to master both recently and a few things keep presenting themselves that confirms what my soul keeps on telling me.

Yes, I’m probably repeating myself when I say I have a love hate relationship with social media, but I do. I love the ability to share with loved ones far and wide and the wealth of knowledge and information it can provide, but, and hear me out, I don’t like people; not ALL people, but ‘People’ people.

‘People’ is an old Caribbean term for a person or group who are an annoyance on varying levels in some way and there’s waaay too many out there for me to contend with and maintain my peace. I’ve been urged to do more in regards of digital marketing and pushing my blogs and impending podcasts and honestly, it just depresses me.😩😅 

I have tried, albeit not too hard, but I don’t have a desire to sell myself and my soul in the process. I know the work has to be done but I’m determined to find a way that sits well with me. I’m at capacity with the amount of time I spend online as it is. Fuck a reel! Respectfully.🙏🏾

Money has to be made and bills paid, but the things we put ourselves and others through to get it can be just plain wild!

Without getting into it too deeply, a while ago I reached out to a couple of well known names to literally just discuss a few projects I was thinking of and to get a little advice. They weren’t complete strangers to me, and I got a response back to say they’d be in touch soon. Now, it’s possible that we have different definitions of the word soon, but I done been through 3 seasons waiting and the fresh buds preparing themselves to come through will not be waiting to be nourished by them!🌝🍂❄️🌱

I’ve seen what drives and motivates these people and, even for the ones who like to think they are keeping it real, it’s all about the money, honey! If it ain’t making you some you’re making sure it can’t block that flow, joe! And good for you! If that’s what makes you happy I’m happy for you. We’re all human and have our desires and requirements, but because these people have made a name for themselves we tend to forget that.

It’s usually the little people that get them to the heights they dream of, but once they’re there you realise how little to them you indeed are. But it’s all good. It’s been an old tale and will continue on. Ain’t no bigger game than the quest for fortune and fame. And these players be playing! 

I’d prefer not to, and if it means I miss out on a certain type of revenue I’m good with that. I’ve never been driven by money. I always knew I wanted to write and share my life and thoughts in the hope it would resonate with some and possibly help others know that we’re all going through some type of shit! 

And boy did I have a heap to offload! It’s been a much needed outlet. If it’s meant to make me money I have faith that it will, but it’s already performed it’s task for me so that’ll be a bonus.✨

I’ve always appreciated my blessings but now I see each and every one clearly. Pay attention. Immense beauty and worth can lie behind the ordinary. I’ve had blessed days and the best days with ordinary people with an extraordinary light – the type money can’t buy. Not all that glitters is gold. Look for the glimmers.💫

R.I.P Benjamin Zephaniah, an all round creative genius and King of keeping it real. You will be missed but your spirit and legacy shall live on.

R.I.P Andre Braugher, another talented brother gaining his wings with a legacy in tact. Condolences to both families and rest easy Kings.🙏🏾

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Still standing in patience and observation so y’all are gonna have to wait with me! #PodcastsPending😂

*Olinto I’ll be seeing you soon; and there won’t be 3 seasons in between!😍😂

Patience And Observation, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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