About Me

Salutations and welcome to NuDawn Diary, part of NuDawn NuDay.

My name is Dawn Williams, aka NuDawn, and after a life changing experience a few years ago I decided (with a little push!), to start writing blogs to share with the masses.

I’ve touched upon quite a few subjects to date, and I really hope that you’ll enjoy reading about them and the life, times, thoughts and opinions of a way too Black to stand back woman trying to make it through life – but ultimately trying to keep it real!

I call it my diary because it’s my real thoughts in real talk. 


I don’t expect you to agree with me on everything and I’m up for a healthy debate, but you have been warned! If you’re easily offended I may not be the one for you! Below are my uncategorised blogs, or you could check out the different categories available for you to get stuck into!

Family Matters Blood may well be thicker than water, but sometimes that just makes it harder to swallow!

R.I.P’d Off! – A series of posts relating to various incidents of being Black whilst breathing.

The Big C And Me  Accompany me on my cancer journey.

BLAPOW! My new blog & podcast combo, celebrating the Blacknificent Power of…whatever it happens to be! I’m starting with women who are making their mark in my hometown as a project for Black History Month, but will be covering a number of topics overall.

Poetry & Particulars – A random selection of poems and odds and sods.

Aside from the blogs and podcasts there is my online shop, NuDawn NuDay, which will be up and running soon, offering a selection of Afrocentric cards, T-shirts and more to come.