Glimmer And Shine

I feel noice!* You know that feeling when you’ve done what you had to do and have a little free time, you’ve eaten and just had that first drag of choice ‘erbs whilst some tunes are playing to match your vibe and you feel content? I’m on those ones today.

Do you ever just sit back and feel thankhful for the little things? Like a full belly and room to breathe. Over the years there are many things I’ve felt, written about, spoken on and meant that I thought I understood, but I was only getting tasters.

I’ve always been sure of my heart and character but I was given the tools to set them free. Completely. It’s not that I’d ever hidden it, it’s more a case of being more in tune and free flowing. It’s taken some time to get here but my word, it was worth it! A little tip from me; if you’re ever offered a chance to try a different path have faith and take that step. You’ll know when your time is right. Your gut and the universe will throw up signs if you’re willing to see them.

I saw mine, and it was the beacon of light needed to see me through this shit show of a world we’re made to live in. Thankhfully no matter how dark it gets light can always be found. I’ve always known it but didn’t have a name for it until Queen Tee, aka Tanya Brooks-Carty, put me on to the word – Glimmer.

A glimmer works in the opposite way of trauma. The same way you can get triggered by trauma, you can get glimmer triggers. An internal or external cue that shines the light and brings the joy back! It really doesn’t take much to counterbalance the darkness if you try.

I’ve found my flex and I fully confess to being on a ‘hippy vibe” and honestly, what’s not to love about love!? This time 10 years ago I was heading into my last year of my 30’s with a niggle in my side, not knowing of the whirlwind to come.

Today I feel overly blessed to be able to tell you all about it – the good, the bad and the ugly – only in reverse. Hear me when I say I’ve more than been tested and survived and intend to thrive for how ever many days I’m blessed to be here. 

I went for a walk with my daughter the other day and she said, “Mum, you’re shiny.” I automatically wiped my nose because it always seems to be glistening, but she said, “No, not your nose, you.” 

If you understand my child that was a compliment!😂 Another term for it would be glowing, and she ain’t wrong and it ain’t all menopausal!😅

I feel me – and in comparison to all of the negative emotions I’ve felt and carried for years it’s infinitely better than that and then some. People may wonder and question it but how that looks to them is their concern. I give zero fucks about how others see me, so they can move an’ go ‘long!…with love of course.🙏🏾😂

I fully intend to keep finding the glimmers and shine!💫✨

STOP THE GENOCIDE AND FREE PALESTINE!!🇵🇸 Continuing to send love, prayers and support your way.🙏🏾

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

*Nice with extra spice!😂

Glimmer And Shine, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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