Doors And Scores

I’m a little wiser, baby

I’m a little kinder, baby

After all these years it’s time I let you know

See, I learned some things, my baby

Finally spread my wings to save me

Yes, I lost myself, that’s why I had to go

Then the light came up, my baby

Right after I forgave me

And I prayed so hard, I thought I’d lose my mind

I’m a little stronger, baby

Took a little longer, maybe

Tell my younger self to enjoy the ride…”

Rose In The Dark ~ Cleo Sol

At the end of last year I made a conscious decision to tighten my boundaries when it came to loving on certain folk. I would constantly be the one making contact with no response for weeks, sometimes months, if at all. I still had/have love for them, but I was done wasting my energy. I made it clear in a message and let things be. The door will always be open but they’ll have to find their own way to it and knock instead of me holding it open and catching breeze!

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s crazy the things we do and put ourselves through for love – or our perception of what love is anyway. Throughout my years of personal experience I can testify that that pathway can be a rocky one but honestly, it’s not meant to be.

There are many types of love to be found. I have plenty of love to give but not everyone gets the same type. I’m not gonna love on my friend the way I love on my man; those distinctions are clear enough to comprehend, but it tends to get a bit fuzzy when it comes to setting those boundaries that surround certain entrances to your heart. Remember there are many ways in. If one door closes you’ve got options. Find the love where it flows freely until that door opens up again.

It all starts with thyself. Once you know the score and you’ve got you covered that cold breeze of rejection will be replaced by a warm glow and you’ll manage to avoid the majority of the potholes and debris. Naturally we’ll all encounter a little heartache at some point in time – for some of us more often than not – but hopefully you’ll realise that the ache is only a fraction of the heart’s capacity.

If some people can’t appreciate you or acknowledge your worth it’s their loss not yours. It’s a lesson I’ve learnt but I confess to still having my moments of feeling less than in certain peoples opinion*, but they are only fleeting. I will never allow anyone to dim my shine. The attention I’m missing from them can be and has been made up tenfold by loving on me.**

I know it sounds easier said than done but I promise you it’s worth the effort.

STOP THE WAR AND THE MADNESS AND SET PALESTINE FREE!!!🇵🇸 My heart goes out to all of those suffering and I pray for peace and an end to all of your bloodshed and injustices.🙏🏾

R.I.P Paul Mills and all those who have lost their lives this week. My heartfelt condolences to the Bailey family on yet another passing.🙏🏾

Earthday Blessings to my firstborn blessing Queen Isis. Keep shining and being true to you. Love you!😍🖤💚

More Earthday love to fellow Scorpio Princess Nyah and Queen Bex Richardson. Sending nothing but love your way!😍

*And the work continues!😅 We will slip and slide throughout this ride but still we move!

**I love a tattoo and I’ve added a few more to the collection! The girls are looking pretty even if I do say so myself!😂😏😍 #TattooCute🪷

Go Where The Love Flows Freely, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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