Well, well, well! It’s been a right mixed bag of emotions this week! Definitely one to sit back and reflect on how we choose to live our lives and how short that time can be.

It’s ok though. Things can happen that throw you off balance but that doesn’t mean you have to stay swaying! What’s happening in AmeriKKKa right now is one example, (yep, they’ve risen to capital KKK status in my spelling of their name!) Naturally being who they are, they have sensationally proved that anything we can do they can do better, and out-Brexited us with their eyes seemingly closed! Bravo!!

Some of you may wonder why I’m bothering to write about a *cuntry that I don’t live in, but I have family and friends who live there. I’ve enjoyed visits on many occasions before all of this recent tension, not sure it’d be quite as enjoyable now, but let’s just say I were to go and visit them and God forbid we were to get into an innocent altercation with the police – what do you think they’ll notice about me first, my British passport? Alrighty then!!

It’s not just about where we are it’s about who and what we are and that Trumps all!! And considering *Grate Britain’s “special friendship” with them we need to be watching their movements – when you lay with dogs you rise with fleas and we’re itchy enough already!

So AmeriKKKa chose to have Donald Trump as their president.👀 To be fair your options were hideous and a choice I’m glad I didn’t have to make – how do you pick the better of two devils? Why would you want to?

Since Brexodus I’ve wondered more and more about why we should be made to feel we’re letting ourselves and the cuntry down if we decide not to vote for a corrupt system that continually does nothing but let us down. Our ancestors may have fought for our right to vote and I applaud and appreciate it wholeheartedly, especially as a woman, but I won’t be emotionally blackmailed into using it just because it’s there.

Use it or lose it but what friggin use is it really? What do we really gain? Even when who we vote for wins nothing changes. It’s the same old rhetoric time and again. I’m sure politicians are responsible for climate change – all that hot air and bullshit they keep spewing out must have some effect, right?

Give me something or someone to get behind and worthy of my vote and I’ll gladly participate. Better yet find a way to change the system and make those in charge responsible and accountable for their actions or inactions. Until then I’m out of the game and after this I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not alone.

I won’t even delve into the fact that a 70 year old elitist, narcissistic, racist, bullying, misogynistic, bigoted, homophobic tangerine twat has been chosen as President-elect – it speaks volumes in itself. Hopefully loud enough to rouse those who I’ve been trying to wake out of their coma. The alarm bells are ringing my friends; the snooze button has been maxed out! TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

I’m not sure how things operate when it comes to running a cuntry and how much power Trump will actually have, but he was real clear when he spelled out his intentions from the get go, and now he’s been given the opportunity to potentially make things happen.

After all his talk of hatred and separation does he really think that people are now going to believe he stands for unity since being elected? SHIT JUST GOT REALLY REAL PEOPLE!! Even the Statue of Liberty has given up hope and looking to repatriate back to France with her torch between her legs! No need to worry though – Donald’ll grab her by her pussy and bring her home to daddy so it’s all good!

This is a huge slap in the face to say the least but in every cloud there is a silver lining. If Donald is looking back to the days of when AmeriKKKa was ‘great’ again then I suggest we do the same. Back then we had more unity and love for each other. We pulled together and did for one another and at one point had our own Black Wall Street that flourished and thrived until it was hatefully destroyed.

It was even harder for us back then yet somehow we did it. We didn’t have the stars and platforms we have now. We did it because we knew our only option was to do for ourselves. When did we lose that? When did we stop believing in ourselves and our greatness? Listen, WE GOT THIS!!!

A new day is dawning and we need to rise with it! I’m not about seeing this as the end of the world as we know it, and more the rebirth of our nation. Educate our children. Don’t hide the truth of how things use to be from them, it does us no good. When you forget it makes it easier for those times to come around again. #RealTalk.

If you’re still of the thinking that we have nothing in common with our cousins across the pond I suggest you watch BBC2 this month and catch the Black and British series. As well as being a great way to evoke childhood memories it shows the hate we faced over here too.

Our tales are not so different. Remember that as our special friends call for their wall to be built. As Donald made it clear and kept it real let me do the same:

Should it be that times unfold and we’re found to be heading backwards this bitch right here will not be in house, out in the field or at the back of the bus. I will be that uppity n***a who dares to eyeball your ass and talk back whilst driving the bus and running you down with it with my right fist held high in the air!

You had it easy last time but too many of us are awake now for that to ever happen again. I know I’d rather die fighting than suffer waiting for God to save me. I’ll save myself and s/he can owe me one! #JustSaying.

Life is short and we really don’t know what’s waiting for us. We only have to look at what happened in Croydon as a reality check on how things can take a turn for the worst. Not one of those who died expected their trip to work would be their last. Make the days count people.


R.I.P to the Croydon 7 and all those who have lost their lives this week and a speedy recovery to those injured.

*no misspelling

WAKEY WAKEY, RISE AND SHINE!!, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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