Ride Or Die?

I’ve usually got a good idea of what I’m going to write about but the past two weeks have been an emotional one for many reasons and headspace has been a little crowded. Right in the thick of it is the family unit, and it got me thinking about the people in our lives and the impact they have on us. If they creep and lie should we ride or die?

We’re born alone and will die alone but it’s nice to have people to share that time with in between. Even if you’re not a ‘people person’ there’s usually at least one you have a connection with. We automatically become acquainted with our family because they are the first people we’re introduced to as children, but as you grow older you realise that having a blood connection doesn’t necessarily make them all your friends.

I’m a realist and I know we’re not perfect, NONE OF US! We do what we’ve got to do to survive and if you need to do your thang to get by it’s ok, but where do we draw the line of acceptance when it comes to family? There are many out there who will allow family members wrongdoings simply because they are blood, despite the fact they know what they are doing or have done has completely crossed the line and is way out of order; they’re family and that’s enough.

I get the ride or die mentality, I have my own ride or die crew, a mixture of family and friends, but after being so close to actually dying my motto has been extended to; ride or die for something worth dying for! If you’re about some twisted next level business you’re on your own “fam” – don’t expect me to have your back when you’ve already shown me how easy it is for you to stab someone in it and do them down without batting an eyelid, and I really don’t give a flying fuck what you want to call me or how you want to take it. #RealTalk.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a heartless bitch and I believe, in most cases, people deserve a second chance. But once you’ve hit your three strikes – you’re out!, and depending on the crime, one major hit will put you out too – I really don’t have the time to waste on you, it’s too precious. Actions will forever speak louder than words and I will always focus on those than the breeze some people chat.

A blast from my past and an old photo put things into perspective and stirred up so many emotions and memories I can’t even begin to tell you now but will do one day. It also reminded me that FAMILY DOESN’T MEAN BLOOD and why a word like father is just a label – it’s your actions that make the word mean something and for me, no matter what label you wear, be it father, brother, sister or friend, it will never mean more than the things you do to show me who you really are. Loyalty, love and respect work both ways and I’m not prepared to give it to those who don’t show me the same courtesy. Right now my longest ride or die chick has dementia and I’m doing my utmost to make sure she lives her twilight years as comfortably as possible. The struggle is real, but due to the loyalty, love and respect she has always given me I will be down for whatever!

This past fortnight has made me appreciate even more the ones that are there for me and mine and cemented the love I have for them. As it’s my birthday on Monday I’m dedicating this to the woman who gave me life and whose label has never faded and been backed by her actions.

Love you Mumsy. Dementia may have robbed you of some things but it can never take our memories from me.😍


R.I.P to those who have passed away this week.

Happy Earthday/Birthday To All Of My Fellow Scorpios, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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