Black Buy Day

I very much doubt it’s escaped your notice that today is Black Friday. A few years ago there was no such thing over here, but naturally Grate Britain had to follow their cousins across the pond and allow us this day to grab a “bargain”. But how much of a deal are you really getting?

If you look into it, the saving you think you’re getting ain’t that great! It’s usually old stock that retailers need to get rid of and seeing as they were overpriced to start with they fool you into believing you’re getting the sale of the century. Our society is one obsessed with material things and boy does it show! Who can forget last years Asda debacle!? A surge of the great unwashed practically foaming at the mouth and literally dragging people down to get £50 off a telly they probably don’t even need. Supposedly grown ass adults fighting with children over shit. I mean, come on!!

Do you really need it that badly that you would fight a child, push a man down and trample over others to have it? It’s actually quite disturbing that objects mean more to some than another human being and common decency; disturbing but not necessarily surprising. It’s been that way since creation and is even more evident nowadays. It’s amazing how low some will go to get what they want. #RealTalk.

If I really need it and, in my case, it’s half price or less then I might be tempted to buy it, and with the joys of online shopping – well a joy until the site crashes anyway – I don’t have to mingle with the desperadoes and fear having my eyes gauged out by some nutter. 49 rolls of Andrex for £12 (thanks Lana😉) is not to be sniffed at (see what I did there?), that’s the type of deal that makes sense! Something practical that I know without a doubt will be put to good use. Do I have the space for them, no, but if I fashion them right they can double up as my Christmas tree – I’ve got skills!

Jokes aside, there are some decent bargains to be found apart from toilet tissue don’t get me wrong. How and what you choose to spend your money on is ultimately down to you, but I would suggest you think about your purchases before you leap in head first. There is a rumour about Black Friday originating from the selling of slaves the day after thanksgiving in preparation for the Winter season. True or not I would say that for people of colour Winter is here in full effect – and yes I’m talking Game Of Thrones stylee! Cersei May is getting used to her throne over here and the KKKnight King and his army of White Walkers are preparing for battle in good old AmeriKKKa. I’m just praying for the dragons to make an appearance and deal with them properly…..or could that be the role we’re suppose to play? Maybe we’re the dragons in this Song of Ice and Fire.

I have renamed today BLACK BUY DAY. With the world the way it is I’ve decided that alongside any decent bargains I might snag today I will make the conscious effort to support a brother or sisters business – sale or no sale!…although a discount is always appreciated! #JustSaying😅



Aleppo we’re still praying for you.

R.I.P to those who have lost their lives this week in Iraq and China. 

 Shop But Don’t Drop, Stay Blessed and #CelebrateLife


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