Reality Check 1, Cheque 2, Check Me! (Part 2)

Cheque 2

“Children, children…

Yes Papa,

Where have you been to?


How is she keeping?

Safe and sound,

What did she teach you?


Lloyd Lovindeer ~ Don’t Bend Down

I decided a while ago that when I returned back to work after taking care of Mum it wouldn’t be working for ‘the man’ wherever possible, and primarily it would be doing something that I’d always wanted to do. Obviously I know that it’s easier said than done. Them bills gotta be paid!, and it’s not easy out there for everyday folk. 

I’m thankful that my circumstances so far have allowed me to stick to what I have decided – for now anyway. I’ve never been about the money. I know there are plenty of people out there who are on their grind constantly to make that paper and spend it on the highlife. I totally get that and more power to you, but that has never been the life for me. I’m not big on the materialistic. I’m not hating. Some people assume that’s your temperament because you don’t have the money, and your thinking would be different if you could afford it. I can’t deny they’re right in part, but it’s a very small part. 

If I had a wealth of disposable income I’d no doubt have a few nice little touches – but honestly, overall I’m happy with my lot – which can sometimes be hard for others to understand or believe. I’ve already explained in Can You Feel The Beat?, so I won’t go over it all again – just know that there are many of us out here who it takes very little to make happy, and despite what you may think, we’re good! In that blog I talk about certain beats in life and setting your levels, and it’s exactly that that has me writing this today.

As I mentioned in Check 1, last year I was (still am!) going through some thaanggs, and my mojo took a hit to say the least. I had plans, thoughts and ideas but it was a struggle to get myself together and, full disclosure, certain things are still a struggle; but this year has been a lot more progressive, and an opportunity arose for me to do some work that I enjoyed and would be paid to do – a win-win if ever I saw one, so naturally I accepted the offer. I had a couple of meetings with them and then I started to feel the beat; and it was off! 

Now I need to pause right here and give props to Queen Kelechi Okafor. If it wasn’t for me tuning in to her podcast and choosing the third tarot card reading people would be getting fully bought out and exposed.


But, I’m going to heed what was advised and hold my corner for now. Instead I’ll break it down like this:

The Beat

By beat, I mean what tune is being played? Are you in sync and rocking together, or is someone playing you like a fiddle and expecting you to jump to their beat? I had a few crystal clear signs that the people I was dealing with were of the latter thinking and that nah ga’ work! When you’re running or conducting business there is a basic standard and/or principle that should be set and, to be fair, it’s really not that fucking hard to do. Communication is key, and in this day and age there really are no excuses to be had when it comes to putting it into practice! But when you’re dealing with certain demographics it’s not about how easy or hard things are, it’s more to do with who they think they are.

Without getting too deep into my particular situation, the Black/White ratio was an issue here. And trust me, this isn’t about me playing the race card – more the raas card!

The Levels

Setting your levels is highly important. It’s basically another way of saying KNOW YOUR WORTH. People can only treat you how you allow them to. What are you willing to contend with? What are you willing to do or not do? How long do you let shit slide for? What are your boundaries? Under the right circumstances I’m pretty patient and tolerant. I know that we’re only human and things don’t always go according to plan and mistakes can be made, I’m not unreasonable; but understand when it looks and smells like a piss take know you get 3 strikes* and then you’re out! I really don’t business. That’s one of the levels I’ve set for myself as life is way too short to waste on fuckery and my time is precious! 

There are things we all want in life no mater how big or small, cheap or expensive. How we go about getting it and what we’re willing to do for it is another thing. You should never be made to feel less than or tolerated, especially when the example others set are below your standards. I, for one, am not willing to play small, do myself down or sell my soul to the devil to get mine or what you have to offer. It sometimes amazes me what others will put up with to stunt on others.

Grandmama was giving her grandkids a reality cheque! Money can’t buy everything, especially integrity, and you don’t have to bend down or over and assume the position to get yours! Have faith, your time will come, and without you having to put up with other peoples shit.

For those who believe they are entitled to treat others like a claart don’t be surprised when you get raased up!


R.I.P Desmond Tutu, Betty White and to all those who have lost their lives recently, and forever remembering those who have passed away.

Wishing you all a Very Happy, Healthy & Blessed New Year And Beyond🖤

*Not every occurrence will get 3 chances, it depends on the severity – sometimes it’s one and done but, NEVER any more than 3!

Straighten Your Crown & Don’t Bend Down! Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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