R.I.P’d Off (Part 2)

For those of you who have no interest in what’s happening to Black people I suggest you avoid reading my posts titled R.I.P’d Off  because that will be the topic of conversation. As there are many factors to consider when addressing the situation I’ve chosen to break it down into sections because I really could go on for days! Today it’s the media’s time for some attention.

To clarify, I know some of you are wondering why Black people over here are getting so upset and riled up. It’s because white superiority isn’t contained to just Amerikkka – it’s a global phenomenon! I can speak from my own personal experiences when I say that the police in England can be just as racist and unprofessional – to the point of me having a meeting with two commissioners from the IPCC (I don’t play!) to tell them just that.

Wanna know what they told me? That they cannot deny and fully admit that there is a problem and they are “working on” training programs for officers so there can be better relations between ethnic minorities and the police. I swear that’s the line they are taught in response to every incident found to be racist. That was approximately 5/6 years ago and from what I can tell not a damn thing has changed!

I’ve heard people say “Well at least our police are better than over there!” No love, they’re not. You’d better believe the only reason our roads aren’t running red (and literally our saving grace) is because the everyday bobby can’t carry a gun, because the ones that ARE allowed to make sure they shoot to kill too. Theresa May-Or-May-Not touched on this topic in her speech on Wednesday. I won’t be holding my breath that much’ll change but crack on!

So it’s been a week since the fatal shootings in Dallas and what do the media have to say now? When I turn on my tell-lie-vision are people still shown to be hurting and in uproar? Are communities pulling together to support their own? Are Bloods and Crips uniting in peace for their people? Are peaceful protests happening and innocent protesters being arrested for no reason? Have petitions been made and are celebrities coming together and campaigning?

I know the answers to all of the above but I didn’t hear much about it through mainstream television or media outlets. Only today I heard about how Obama feels. And why is that? Why can I hear how Micah Xavier Johnson has now made officers in Dallas fear for their safety for the first time and have a full rundown on HIS history but I don’t know the names of the cops who killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in cold blood?

I’m sorry but I actually laughed when I heard that the police fear for their safety – because it’s a fucking joke! They don’t fear for their safety – the fear only arrives when it’s a Black person with a gun…or not…or sells CDs…or wears a hoodie…or takes their family out…or fails to signal…or tries to breathe – you catch my drift?

Yet we have nothing to fear at all according to the media. These killings needn’t have happened if we complied. Every one of these people killed by police had some kind of chip on their shoulder or some justifiable reason as to why they died. The police treat everyone as equals and the media never lies.

They tell us things so it must be true! They don’t all regurgitate the same crap about statistics of “Black on Black” crime etc and have their little ‘specials’ on Black power groups arming up in order to create an image of us being killing machines so someone needs to put us in check. None of that! They’re the good guys!

Firstly, yes there is a lot of crime – it’s not Black on Black crime it’s just crime. They happen to be committed by Black people against Black people because that’s who they’re surrounded by. Blacks living on top of Blacks will commit crime the same way Whites living on top of Whites commit crime but you don’t call it White on White crime. GIVE IT UP!! Secondly, if the media insist on outing the victims previous wrongdoings and telling us about how fearful the officers are, let’s see both sides of the coin. Where are the real news stories and documentaries on the police? Like, REALLY REAL?

I know they mistreat all ethnicities but I’m saying it happens to us a lot more often. The KKK and many other White supremacist groups are free to go about their business TODAY in 2016 and that’s ok. The people who lynched, tortured and murdered us are still in full operation AND police officers and that’s ok. It’s not illegal to be a police officer and a part of a White supremacist group, in Amerikkka that’s ok.

A police officer is suing his department after being sacked for being in the KKK because, and I quote “Being affiliated with a hate group does not make him a racist and does not affect his police work.”, but I mean, of course that’s ok!

Obviously we believe him – because he’s a cop and they never lie and are there to protect us. We feel the extra love he brings to the job, knowing we’re n****s who don’t deserve to be alive and breathing the same air as him. WE FEEL IT TRUST ME!!

No, we have no reason to be scared and we have every reason to trust and respect him and the many others like him. We just love to fling that old race card up at any given opportunity because we forget what a happy existence we’ve had and continue to have. We forget all the love that’s been shown to us already – we sorry. It’s not at all absurd that he should be allowed to be an officer let alone have the audacity to be so affronted at being sacked from his position (NOT as an officer) that he FILES A CASE. THAT’S OKKK!!

No need for a documentary on that, that’s a minor. Touchy Black folk! What are we worried about!? Now let’s just say a member of ISIS was found to be a police officer. How quickly would that hit the headlines? How many fucking documentaries do you think we’d see on that?

Would they be willing to believe he could do his job without prejudice? Would he still be allowed to wear the uniform and sue for unfair dismissal? Would you still feel comfortable with him having power and carrying a deadly weapon? Would you feel safe in his presence and trust and respect him or would you be watching him with side eye?

Wouldn’t you be appalled and demand that the force be thoroughly checked to eliminate any others and make sure no more could ever join up??? You may see this as a far comparison to make but it’s not for us. The KKK are the biggest bunch of terrorists in operation in Amerikkka but because they’re White it’s alright. Hear me when I say Black Amerikkkans have been on high alert from day one! #JustSaying

WHERE ARE THE REAL NEWS STORIES? If you’re gonna tell one side without bias you should be doing the same to the other side, but you won’t. You won’t because the same racism runs deep in the media too and there’s an unwritten law that it’s forever open season on Black people and if you’re born White you’re entitled to a hunting license for free!

R.I.P Nice 84 and all those who have lost their lives this week

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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  1. Rosebud4u
    Rosebud4u says:

    Dawn ou missed your calling as a Journalist. Excellent writing, I have to skip the ones with the expletives,but enjoy your blogs.

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Thank You Dawn! Once again a brilliant summing up of events – but like I said before it’s all a distraction from what’s really going on! The power’s that Be are deliberately aucastrating events (Paris) to distract the masses – a society of fear is being created, people will then ask for more protection on the streets, they will then deploy the army to patrol universally – thus Marshal Law! Then we are all FUKed!!! with no where to go, cos ultimately WE asked for it! It’s to much of a coincidence that all this stuff is happening as frequently as it is (a Quickening)… A deliberate Race War is being orchestrated… Shit is going DOWN! Big Time!! x

  3. NuDawndiary
    NuDawndiary says:

    It certainly looks like that’s the way things are heading Sharon. As I said, there’s too many pieces to the puzzle for one blog! That will be discussed soon too! X


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