R.I.P’d Off (Part 1)

This was written before this mornings news of the police officers in Dallas getting shot and killed. As you’ll see, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming! It’s funny how quickly this has been broadcast by the media though. How long did we have to wait for them to air about Alton Sterling? It took the murder of Philando Castile before they thought they’d better say something. KMT!

I already had the topic of this weeks blog in mind but it’ll keep! I wasn’t about to bypass the most recent, all too common, murders of my people at the hands of those who are suppose to protect and serve. Protect and serve who you may well ask. If you refer back to my post Forget You you’ll understand the answer to that question.

Some people believe that there’s no such thing as White privilege and Black people find an excuse to bitch and throw the race card at every opportunity. The majority of these people are white, although you do get the odd few Black people (i.e Stacy Dash) who are right up there alongside them dispelling it as some kind of myth. They don’t see it because they can live their everyday lives in relative peace. They have no fear of going anywhere or doing anything. They don’t understand that THAT is the privilege we’re talking about – the right to go about your everyday business without the fear of losing your life.

They don’t get it as it’s never going to happen to them because their majority rule so life’s good! They’ll tell you the police do a great job at keeping ‘us’ safe and how dangerous it is out there for them. I’ve watched numerous videos of white people straight up fighting the police and openly brandishing firearms in broad daylight and yet they somehow manage to defuse these situations without killing anybody.

I admit they did shoot one man but hey, what do you know, it was in his leg and he lived to see another day. Why is it they can only shoot to kill when it’s a Black man? You see they can protect and serve, and they do protect and serve…..you just have to be the right shade for it to work.

Even if you comply, as in the case of Philando Castile, you’re still in the wrong for doing what was asked. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Just for good measure they’ll try to dig up some dirt on your past to discredit you and make you appear as a thug or troublemaker, like Alton Sterling. And the relevance is? None!!

It’s all about putting the right shine on their misdoings. An attempt to tarnish their names and make it appear that they’d actually done us a favour because they were no good anyway. Who do they think they are trying to kid? The most sickening part of all this is the fact that it’s highly unlikely that the overseers will be punished. They’ll find a way to justify their actions as they have in numerous other cases and their trigger happy asses will be back on the streets or nicely paid off before you can say Michael Brown or Tamir Rice. #BlackLivesMatter

Unbelievably there are going to be the few that try to justify the actions of the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and I’d really like to know how. How can a man with his hands in the air be a threat when you’d asked him to show you ID? Was he suppose to use teleportation? How can a man flat on his back on the floor, being held down by two officers get shot at point blank range six times? You can clearly hear the officer yelling at him to “Get on the ground!” AFTER he’d already had him pinned down and already fired the first three shots. No sir, I believe you meant get IN the ground, because my man was already on it and you killed him. #RealTalk.

Have you actually seen the footage?, because I forced myself to watch both clips a couple of times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. That’s the beauty of the 21st century – they can’t hide as easily anymore. We can witness their wicked deeds in living colour, for all the good it does us. It’s still not enough to award us justice. How many more clips of the same nature will it take before we find a resolution or cause a revolution?

Like a lot of people out there I’m awash with a range of emotions right now – I feel disgusted, saddened, upset, incensed, frustrated and most predominantly angry!! In fact angry is an understatement. Yeh, yeh it’s not all police officers who react this way but there are way too many for it to keep being ignored, and the ‘good’ ones ain’t doing jack to shop them or stop them. They cover their backs and know the problem will go away.

Personally I’m at a point now where enough’s enough – I’m R.I.P’d off beyond belief and you’d better believe I’m not alone. We’ve had our fill….our cup runneth over! REAL FUCKING TALK!! For centuries there has been no let up for us and hear me when I say there will be dark days ahead. There’s only so much peace we can keep. There’s only so many songs we can sing, chants and marches we can make before fire is fought with fire and quite frankly I’m ready to fight to survive.

I can hear the backlash already about advocating violence but I really don’t see it as that. I’m advocating a fair life and putting a stop to this fuckery by any means necessary because WE’VE BEEN COMPLIANT FOR CENTURIES AND YOU ARE STILL KILLING US ON THE DAILY!! It’s about self preservation because these cunts are intent on wiping us out – BELIEVE THAT!! THE WRITING IS CLEARLY ON THE WALL!!👀

Show me an option Black people haven’t already tried to find a solution? It’s a non starter because we have no power. The system is corrupt and rotten from the core – from root to tip. There is truly nothing more left for us to do. WE CAN’T BREATHE without being put down and we will never be allowed to breathe freely until the White people in charge say we can – and they aren’t willing to share their privilege with us.

We may not have the power to fix it but we have the power to fight it. And no doubt that’ll just go to prove to the masses that we are the animals they said we were all along, but remember this: like most animals if you treat them right they’ll love you and leave you alone but if you keep poking them eventually they’ll bite back.

Watch the ride people – it’s gonna be bumpy!

R.I.P Alton Sterling

R.I.P Philando Castile

R.I.P the Baghdad 281

Fight The Power, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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  1. Charmaine
    Charmaine says:

    You’re right this is gonna get worse. Tao was following it all yesterday and very upset by the footage.

  2. Margaret Shekiluwa
    Margaret Shekiluwa says:

    Well constructed piece and echos my sentiment; however although violence appears to be the way to get heard….we cannot expect it to seal the outcome to success. Real Genuine Compassionate Leadership can be the only way forward, it should be understood by all, if your intent is wrong you will be punished, that’s why it’s imperative we radiate the cancer from within too, we all hold this responsibility…..we’re losing our lives in more ways than 6 shots to the head or a knee on our necks…..everyone of us is loosing our quality of life everyday! But are we willing to do what is necessary to radiate the cancers within our own lanes?

    • NuDawn
      NuDawn says:

      I hear you fully and you make a fair point. If you continue to read the other parts I’ll publish you will see I touch on many aspects – good, bad and sad. X


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