Time To Go And Time To Grow

Well!! It’s been a week of ups, downs and eye openers so no long thing today as I’m shattered!

A few highlights of the week have included paying my respects at a funeral, the day after that congratulating and celebrating the birth of a new princess to the family and the day after that I thought April Fools Day had come early, only to realise it wasn’t a prank but the joke is well and truly on them!

On Tuesday I attended the funeral of an old school friend. I didn’t see him that often but when we did bump into each other, no matter how fleeting the time, I was always greeted with a smile and he just had a good vibe about him.

I saw him two weeks before he died and as usual hailed him up with him reciprocating and flashing his gold teeth. Now there’s a lot of speculation as to events that lead up to his death but we will never know the full story and I’m not about to add to it. Life has a way of throwing shit at us, and until we’re in a particular situation ourselves we don’t know how we’ll handle it so I try hard not to judge. Instead I choose to remember the gentle giant that loved his dogs and gave me jokes back in the day, and I’m glad that so many others came to celebrate his life too.

I attended the funeral with a cousin who was due to give birth in 8 days. The last thing I said to her on that day was, “Ooh, any day now really, Tash. Next time I see you, you’ll be a mummy!” Little did we know, bubba had no intention of cooking for another week and put in an appearance the day after!

It just goes to show that we can plan things and hope they turn out the way we would like, but time waits for no man and will show you who’s really in charge! #RealTalk

That brings me to Thursday and the realisation that some people are in the wrong profession and should be writing comedy because they’ve got jokes for days!

Although I may have thought time can’t come quick enough for some things to happen it’s actually proved to me it’s because it was giving others the chance to gather enough rope to hang themselves.

I can’t divulge any details yet but hang tight, I’ve got a doozie coming real soon. Remember Sticks And Stones. (Part 1)?, well Hurricane Dawn has been gathering force since then and you’d better believe for some there will be no peace in the eye of this storm. Folk need to get comfy in the bed they’ve made – like I’m about to get comfy in mine!

Celebrate life for real people. Tomorrow is never promised.



R.I.P David, Darcus Howe and all those who have been laid to rest or passed away this week.

Congratulations Natasha on the birth of Princess Tula. Can’t wait for a snuggle!



Count Your Blessings, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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