Something Old, Something New…

It feels like I’m stating the obvious when I say it seems as if the world has truly gone mad. In fact I swear I’ve started a blog like this before. Everyday there’s some new addition to the ongoing madness that is residing all over the place. Even the remotest spot in the world can’t escape it, so it’s great when something nice comes along to raise people’s spirits and take their minds off of things – if only for a day. #WeddingOrFACup

I know there is a lot of worldwide love for the royals, but despite being born and bred in England, from a young age I honestly didn’t understand what their purpose was and I honestly still don’t. I mean, what do they actually do? And why do taxpayers have to subsidise some of their living costs when they have more than enough wealth to help themselves? I’m not totally ignorant, I know they generate tourism and a few have/had jobs in the forces etc, but not all and what do the rest do? And exactly how much wealth does tourism generate?

It’s not that I hate them and you can’t control what you are born into, but I think they’re an outdated entity who, with the world being the way it is right now, could quite easily give back to their subjects and help fix their country without putting too big a dent in their vast pockets.

There’s only one member of the royal family that I paid any attention to and that was Princess Diana. She always seemed like the realist of the bunch (which she proved with ‘that’ interview – we love real talk!), and she was the first royal I’d ever seen truly interact with everyday people and not look like she wanted to run and decontaminate herself as soon as it was over. She had that human touch where the rest were as stiff as their waxworks. I really felt for William and Harry when she died. It’s hard enough dealing with dysfunctional families and grief at any time let alone as a child in the public eye.

Fast forward a few years and here they are, both grown and in love – and who doesn’t love love?…well, plenty to be honest! It seems there are some not so keen on the bloodline being tainted with melanin. Oh well! Such is life! You can’t help who you fall for and unfortunately you can’t pick your family either. And what a family on both sides!

If you pay any attention to the news you can’t escape hearing about the scourge that is the Markle family. To put it bluntly, what a bunch of cunts! Her siblings are phenomenal! If we’re honest we’ve all got at least one family member who fits that description, but she got a job lot. She had already made a name for herself in her own right and now she’s topped it off by marrying a prince and their jealousy is palpable.

Their actions have been atrocious and I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor cow…but keeping it 100, myself and the majority of Black people breathed a collective sigh of relief when the stories that appeared in the press were all about the White side. REAL TALK! Can you imagine if the drama was on her mothers side? You’d never hear the end of it and I can just see the headlines now; ‘Pass The Duchess Pon The Lefthand Side’. Personally I would have loved if her mother walked her down the aisle. She’s the only one who has shown dignity throughout, but to each their own I guess.

Whichever way you look at it history is about to be made and an age old monarchy is about to be hit with a fresh, new breed! As a woman of colour, newlywed and a true lover of love (no matter what mix), I’m happy for them both and will be tuning in to see the sights.

I’ll be goddamned if I’ll be standing with the masses to catch a glimpse though, despite it being right on my doorstep. I really can’t do crowds and Windsor is peopley enough on an average day let alone today. I hope they can prove the doubters and naysayers wrong and it lasts a lifetime…or at least as long as the disruption it’s caused to my life! I don’t mean to bitch (👀) but it’d be nice to get back to normality and pop down the road to Waitrose and Thai Terrace in peace.




Good luck and congratulations Harry & Meghan.

R.I.P. To all those who have lost their lives this week.


Love Love, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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