Reality Check Me! (Part 2)

Sittin’ in your church on Sunday
Thinkin’ who you gonna screw Monday
Who you gonna teef? Who you gonna rob?
Tek it as me tell you say, you can’t fool God, No!”

By His Deeds ~ VC

On Tuesday I attended the funeral of a lovely friend who passed away suddenly. I’ve known her and her family for as long as I can remember as we grew up on the same road, and her celebration of life turned out to be a reunion of old faces and a refreshing of memories long forgotten.

Enquires were made on how my family were, with some unaware of mums passing and the family drama that had been before and after that time. I filled them in but didn’t delve too deep. A few I directed to my website so they could catch up in their own time. Some were surprised, some not so much! You can fool some of the people some of the time…

Which brings me to why I’m writing this blog today. In part 1, I told you I was still doing the work. Growth is an ongoing process and peace takes preservation. I’m happy to say that I’ve still managed to conserve my peace, but had no real test on my growth until recently.

There are 3 main perpetrators who caused me the most upset over the years. Two are my siblings, who I have spoken about in Tales Of The Dales, but the third is my brothers partner. You’ll find out more about her involvement in the wrap up blogs, but for now I’m going to focus on something that she’s said before and still continues to say.

I know she continues to say this because my first test since leaving the retreat was being in her company. I fully admit that on previous occasions I had declined invites from my nephew because I knew that she would be there. It wasn’t that I was scared of her, far FAR from it! Actually correction; I was scared, but it was along the lines of I was scared I may cause him embarrassment or cause us to fall out when I run my mouth or try to clap her in hers; hear me when I say the urge was strong! – so I thought it best I steer clear.

When my great nieces Earthday rolled around a few weeks ago I accepted the invite without the usual apprehension, and I can report back that all was good in the hood! I even managed to sit at the same table. Ok, there was no chit chat to be had but still, come – look at growth!✌🏾😂

My second test came at my friends funeral as I knew my brother would be in attendance. Not gonna lie, I did eye roll when I saw him and possibly muttered a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ (👀), BUT I was calm and unfazed throughout the whole day, and for the first time felt another genuine emotion relating to him – humour. I seriously had to laugh, unfortunately you’ll have to wait to hear the joke.

But please don’t get shit twisted. To me, that’s as far as breaking bread will get – which brings me to the phrase his partner likes to use. She’s a life’s too short and we should just “sweep it all under the carpet and move on” type of chick.

Maybe it’s just me or coincidence, but isn’t it funny how the main perpetrators and instigators of all the fuckery are usually the first to want to sweep sh(it) all under the carpet and move on when they believe the time is right. 

The thing is when you sweep it all under the carpet it might be out of sight, but you leave obstacles for folk to trip and bus’ their ass on; and I’m unsteady enough on my feet at the best of times. I’d much prefer to rip that fucker up and put it on the pyre. Furthermore, let’s incinerate all bridges* whilst the fire’s blazing. #BunAndDun

Why would I cover it up and play the fool, like I wouldn’t be inviting them back to potentially do it all over again? In all of the years not once has there been any sign that they were sorry or felt remorse for their actions. I can’t and won’t pretend that it never happened and the years of heartache, pain, misery and lack of accountability mean nothing.

Nah, I’m good thankhs. And when I say it I mean it. I’ve learned the meaning of true forgiveness and it doesn’t involve me having to allow them one iota. It’s about forgiving myself for allowing them to get me to those dark stages and places. It’s been a slog and a half to get where I am now and I’m applauding myself for making it through in spite of them.

Their shit is theirs to own, no matter how big or small a part they played. By his deeds shall a man be known. I wrote a blog by the same title back in 2017 and invite you to have a refresh. Since then the venom has gone, and so has mum, but the memories are harder to shift – all of them.

I always knew what I was doing was right and can stand by every step made with my head held high, so there’s no need for me to cover anything up under carpets or grey clouds. NuDawn is rising and she’s shining bright. If it gets a little too hot for some or it exposes their dark spots, that’s honestly not my concern.

By His Deeds Shall A Man Be Known (Link)

Happy Heavenly Earthday/Birthday tomorrow Mumsy. Gone but most definitely not forgotten. Ever!

See you next lifetime Queen.🖤💚

R.I.P Tara Bailey. It was truly a beautiful send off. Your family did you proud. I’m pretty sure you were shining down with the sun and catching up on all of the gossip!😂

R.I.P Queen and legend Tina Turner and to all those who have lost their lives recently.

*To those who don’t know, Bridges was my maiden name, a name my brother carried until changing it by deed poll. Unfortunately for him it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or how you attempt to reinvent yourself if your centre’s still the same. #JustSayin

Dizzy Nu Heights, Blinded By The Lights💫, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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