Now You C Me (Part 5)

Perhaps the only blessings that being diagnosed with cancer and the days following has given me are clarity and appreciation. My appreciation for life has given me more clarity and focus on the things that make life worth living.

Every minute is magical and it can take less time than that for something truly life changing to happen – be it good or bad, so make the time count with the good stuff. When the bad comes around you’ll have those days to look back on, and when the amazingly good comes around it’s an added bonus to the joy you were already having.

It’s really not about money, so no eye rolling and ‘I wish I could afford to’ talk! It comes from the simplest of things – a walk, a talk, a kiss, a hug, even a likkle rub-a-dub! A girly night where you reign supreme as the Black Jack Queen👑 – anything!

Good stuff comes in all sizes and a lot of it can be had for free. Unfortunately the same can be said of the bad stuff too, and this is when clarity comes into play.

Given time most of us can see the light. It’s made more effortless when you’ve actually experienced a significant life change; a bit like Scrooge being shown the error of his ways.

Our sense of decency and conscience should kick in, but again I suppose it depends on where you set your levels (Can You Feel The Beat?), but if some people got a taste of what they put others through would they be so eager to behave in the same way?

If they had a brush with death would they be so quick to wish it upon others? I like to think not, but we’re all wired differently, and for some it doesn’t matter the circumstance they will remain the same. That’s when the real challenge is on.

When it boils down to the nitty gritty and you know there are no other options but one; there is no fight or flight – it’s fight and fight harder because it’s for the greater good (and we’re all about the good!), that’s always worth putting in time for.

It ain’t easy – far, far from it, and obviously it’s easier if you’re part of a pack; but a lone wolf can change the game and David beat Goliath so there’s hope for us all!

I think mine is enhanced by being a Black Scorpio woman – by stereotype alone that’s a heady mix in itself without the added vision cancer brings. I don’t tick all of the stereotypical boxes by far, but some are marked in permanent ink.

I’m not afraid to talk up, possibly a little too much some would say, but I’d rather be heard than stay quiet, especially if it’s something worth fighting for, and I can differentiate between what should be given time and energy and what shouldn’t.

Yes, I can be fiery, emotional and passionate – what can I say, I’m only human, and it’s caused because I love, I care and I truly appreciate life. Understand I’m beyond wanting to willingly spend my time around toxic people, so if I do happen to find myself mixed up with those such types, believe it’s for the most precious of reasons.

Naturally my health is a factor. I’ve been given a gift that comes with conditions, one of those being to avoid stress, and although it may not look like it I am trying and promise to try harder!

I know my genuine friends and family are concerned and I heed their call. I have my annual check up in a few months time and I’m praying things are still ok, I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

In the meantime I will continue to make the good times count and keep fighting for who and what I believe in, even if it means fighting a human form of cancer in the process. #RealTalk.

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Fight The Good Fight, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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