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I’m glad we’re all different and have our own views, beliefs and opinions, (I know I’ve said it before, just wanted to reiterate!). I like sharing mine with you and appreciate others wanting to do the same, especially with the way the world is today, but some people’s opinions leave me baffled as to whether they actually believe their talk or if it’s just the easier option to facing reality.

If you’re unaware all Hell broke loose in Paris over two weeks ago after a Black 22 year old youth worker, known only as Theo, was arrested by four police officers, racially abused, spat at, beaten and “allegedly” sodomised. I’m suppose to use the word “allegedly” because this is the police we’re dealing with so naturally there are many logical explanations as to how a baton can get thrust up your back passage causing you to require surgery whilst four officers are out performing their protective duties.

I won’t even try to throw out a plausible scenario because I can’t, I’ll leave it to the “professionals”, but in my opinion it is what it is – a disgusting, deplorable act of violence and discrimination by racist police. No matter how they try to spin it the math will never add up and you’ll find it impossible to convince me of anything different.

It was one woman’s response to a post regarding the above that prompted me to write about this. She believes in The Law Of Attraction and was adamant everything in life is based on that. Now, I get the basics and even agree with it; we have the ability to attract things in our life that we focus on. If it’s negativity then expect it back and if it’s love, light, peace and prosperity then that’s what you can/should expect in return also.

I understand her thinking but the same rule cannot be applied for everything – it can only go so far for some, which was a point being made to her that she seemed to completely miss, so I’m throwing it out there to see if any other thinkers like her can explain it to me as I really don’t get how it can be condoned. I’ve heard it said by a few people but yet to hear a credible answer. It usually ends in “You don’t get it.”, or “It goes deeper than that!”. I’m giving you the time to enlighten me, I beg you please!

How does The Law Of Attraction apply when the law is attracted to doing you damage? How does it work when you’re throwing out that positive energy but receiving the negative back because of something you can’t change about yourself and shouldn’t have to? What LOA is it that sends rapists, racists, paedophiles and murderers to their victims? How do the victims, especially children, attract that kind of attention? To me it seems like a cop out so I’ll be eagerly awaiting your response to set me straight!

On a lighter note my fiancé and myself took the girls to see Hidden Figures yesterday and we loved every minute of it. A brilliant example of how determination, perseverance and understanding can lead the way forward. Some would say the LOA was in play here too but what was also evident in the film is that it wasn’t until the majority woke up to what the minority could achieve given a fair chance did great things happen!

1961 or 2017 – the same rule applies!



R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Shine Your Light, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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