Tithes or Thieves?

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog Forgive Them Father, I was raised a Christian but choose not to follow any specific religion, although I understand other people’s choices to do so and the need to have faith in someone/something, especially in these times we’re living in.

I have my own belief system and I’m all good with whatever it takes to help you make it through, as long as you don’t preach to me unless I ask you to, don’t use your position and power to take the piss and you don’t take it to the extreme.

I don’t want to focus on THAT group of people who have managed to desecrate my daughters beautiful name…well not today anyway, but after watching a clip recently of an N.E.D member (New Era Detroit) disrupting a church service by yelling “Power to the people”, it raised one of the issues I have with religion; that being those type of shepherds who like to fleece their flock!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a wo/man has to make a living and for many it’s a full time job, but considering what that job is, some of the wages y’all are paying yourselves seem highly exuberant! #RealTalk.

I’d never heard of New Era Detroit before and admit I still don’t know a lot about their movement but after watching an interview with the guy who disrupted the service I had to agree with his principal on this particular matter.

His objection was to the tithe being paid to the church in comparison to what was being put back into the community and what was put in the good pastors pocket. Not gonna lie, I had to google the word tithe despite being raised a Christian and then I realised it was the offering or donation.

Once upon a time they use to pass round a collection plate or pouch and you’d drop some change in, maybe a note or two from others or the regular churchgoers, but nothing major. Nowadays they’re passing round buckets and dropping in wads – I’ve witnessed it myself!😳I was honestly dumbfounded!

I know they don’t force folk to give up the cash, but tithes mean it’s at least 10% of your earnings given to the pastor or church as instructed by some testaments to provide for their services.

Now I have no objection to donations and offerings, as I said before. They are doing a job and deserve to be paid, but I believe there’s a whole heap of them who pray on their parishioners faith – or in some cases deaf, dumb and blind faith!

I’m sorry (not!) but I’ve done some research, and it’s pretty hard for me to sit and listen and not question someone preach about the life of the Lord and how we should be living our lives when they’re multi-millionaires being chauffeur driven, living in mansions and rocking private jets to help them spread the word.

The majority of their congregation could only dream of living the way they do – yet will gladly hand over their hard earned cash on a regular basis to help support their lifestyle – my bad, spread the faith. It’s a huge industry and their fingers are in many pies raking in funds from books, DVD sales and seminars etc, but it’s ok because it’s written in the bible so if it’s good with the Lord, it’s good in the hood, right?🤔

I haven’t read the bible in a while and I don’t remember everything I was ever taught but I do remember some things: gluttony and greed are sins and I’m pretty sure Jesus was more hippy like than high flyer!

I also remember that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. So tell me why someone who is supposed to love all of Gods creations and do his work would sit their ass on millions and not use their platforms to address the current situation going on in His world?

What are you doing about the shit on your own doorstep? Where are your prayers and funds for Syria and Haiti?

You know you could live a good, comfortable life on a fraction of what you have and you can’t take it with you, yet you would watch your followers and community suffer whilst telling them to pray for better days ahead as you pray they’ll hand over enough this week for that upgrade on your private jet to fly you back to your lakefront mansion.

Obviously I’m not talking about all churches and pastors, I mean no disrespect to those who are doing right and I know that some do give back to the community and live modestly.

I applaud them and what they do, but to the shysters out there, I’m praying someone takes the time out to check YOU on your 10% and then some, as I’m pretty sure your outgoings to the people would be a damn sight less than the income you reap from them.

Personally I believe there’s a reason why tithes looks so similar to thieves! I hope they’ve prepared themselves for when their time comes to meet their maker. I heard God don’t sleep!👀


R.I.P to the hundreds who have lost their lives due to Hurricane Matthew. Spare a thought for those who have lost everything in its wake.

Do The Right Thing, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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