The Reason For The Season

No long thing this week. In fact, I was seriously considering just copying and pasting last weeks post. Berlin alone proves humanity still needs a wake up call!

This time of year is supposed to be about peace and goodwill to all wo/mankind, but why do we leave it until a certain time of year to show it? Why is it a seasonal thing?

Shouldn’t it be in effect 24/7? I know it’s not an easy task, some folk are just hard to love for a whole number of reasons, yet still I’ll try, but if I’ve given them a fair chance (#ThreeStrikes) and they keep disappointing, I figure I’ve been fair enough and I’m honestly not about wasting my precious time on the non deserving. My next challenge to myself will be to bring that peace and goodwill vibe all year round and I’m hoping it catches on, you know, like the mannequin challenge, only instead of standing still we start paying it forward. Even if it’s with just a smile to the haters, testers and triers! (Can that be classed as goodwill, ’cause that’s all I’ve got to offer them!?!)

This week I challenged myself to try and do a little extra good each day, no matter how small. So far it’s ranged from dropping change in a charity box to posting a Christmas card to Bradley Lowery, a little boy who is dying of cancer, has 2 months to live and his last wish is to receive thousands and thousands of cards. How sweet and yet heartbreakingly sad is that? It’s amazing how something so small, the tiniest of gestures, can mean the world to someone else. I truly hope he gets his wish.

No matter who we are or what religion we choose to follow or not, we all have it in us to do a bit of good no matter how insignificant it may seem. Today I will be dropping off some tinned goods to an address I will post below to help Slough 4 Syria send urgent humanitarian supplies to those poor people. Again, I know it doesn’t seem much, but I’ll feel good when I’m sat in warmth and comfort today, Christmas Day or any day, knowing that my tin of chickpeas or packet of pasta may have provided sustenance for someone in dire straits and the other little things I have done, and will do, might just help make a difference.

Show a little more love people – we’re all gonna need it real soon, especially people of colour! Whatever shade we may be we need to pull together. For those of you wishing to add a donation to Slough 4 Syria the drop off location is:


Masjid Al Jannah

Stoke Road



23rd December 2pm-6pm

24th December 10am-5pm

25th December 10am-3pm


R.I.P to the Berlin 12 and all those who have lost their lives this week

Share The Love, Stay Blessed and #CelebrateLife

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