The Only Kind Of Hit I’ll Condone!

Well, Well, Well…..what a week! My emotions have been as bipolar as the weather – NO LIE!! I’ve been saddened by the passing of a friends loved ones, and of Muhammad Ali – a great example of a true legend, especially within the Black community, and a lover of real talk too. May he rest in peace along with the relations of various friends who are being laid to rest or are being mourned.

Not gonna lie, this week’s been a bit of a bitch. You know them ones – each day brings a little something with it to add a little grey to your day! I try not to let it cloud me for long though (pun intended). In fact after visiting an old friend on Tuesday it reminded me of how blessed and resilient we can be.

She’s had more than her fair share of serious, life-changing experiences that understandably a lot of us couldn’t handle, yet she continues to smile, bus’ joke, laugh and live life despite it all. I can’t help but get a feel good vibe at that.

Another reason to smile is the glorious days of sunshine we’ve had (that’s in between the hay fever and the biblical thunderstorm that disrupted my goddamn viewing pleasure, playing with my Sky and emotions to boot! No panic though – I watched BB on the iPad and caught the last Blindspot on demand – I know you were concerned!)

I’m a straight up sun-child and any chance to top up my vitamin D will make me a happy bunny. It seems to be contagious too. It’s amazing how much nicer folk can be when the sun has got his hat on. It’s also just as fascinating how unhygienic and “eclectic” some can be but we won’t dwell on that….well….just long enough to say I’m in favour of people loving themselves no matter what their shape or size, but a high number of you, (AN EXTREMELY FUCKING HIGH!), need to make your acquaintances with my friends soap, water and deodorant!

Ultimately whatever mood decides to take hold of me, be it sadness, happiness, disappointment, disgust, heartache, frustration (yes, that was my own personal rundown of this week’s lot), there is one thing I can rely on – and I mean really rely on – to boost the joy, soothe my soul (even if it’s just a little) or evoke great memories. Music: the one thing that has an answer for every kind of emotion I could possibly feel.

Though I’m predominantly an ‘anything-old-skool raver’ (I was a teen in the 90’s, need I say more?) I’ve been blessed to have many great musical influences of all genres from an early age and it’s one of the sweet things in life I can’t bear to live without.

You may well have seen me driving by, music blaring, singing along tunelessly whilst performing a little shoulder skank or the two finger gun salute hand wave – I DON’T BUSINESS, and I am totally unashamed to say I don’t care! I’m not feeling you – I’M FEEEELING A TUUUUUNNNEEE🔊

There’s some who won’t have a Scooby about what I’m talking about but true, bonafide music lovers will. Whether it’s the lyrics, vocals, emotion, beat, bass, whatever – something will hit you!

And when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Go on I dare you. Find a song, pick your poison, kick back and relax or jump and shock out – FEEL A TUNE AND START YOUR FRIDAY RIGHT!

Wheel And Come Again, Stay Blessed & #CelelbrateLife

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  1. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    Love it, there’s nothing like a good tune and to really feel the emotions you are going through at that time. Me too will always have an Erykah Badu tune ready to sing and feel x

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Well, you know I Love music of all kinds… How it makes me feel at strategic times in my life – Yes Girl you’ve hit that nail right on the ed… Lol, nuff Love Shining Star x


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