R.I.P’d Off (Part 9)

I know I’m repeating myself but imma say it again, the world would be a boring place if we were all alike. It’s good to have differences, our own opinion and a healthy debate every once in a while. It helps us to understand the other persons viewpoint and hopefully understand them a little more – though in most cases recently I’ve got to understand them a LOT more than they realise! It’s all good though – I’d prefer to know the real wo/man behind the mask any day! Who’s got time for let’s pretend?

Most of us have an opinion on what has happened and is currently happening to Black people and it’s amazing how many varying levels of debate there are to be had. What’s less amazing is the amount of bullshit that some people believe or are sold into. It doesn’t help when certain celebrities choose to keep working in house and promote the madness! One recent post I saw asked, what does it mean to be Black? I was mystified by some of the responses.

Hollywood obviously pays some enough to make them colourblind as they don’t see themselves as Black; they were born in Amerikkka and are an Amerikkkan human being – BY NO MEANS AFRICAN!!! They do not define themselves as Black as that is not the colour of their skin blah, blah, blahhhhh…..some will suck it all up because these figures are in the limelight and say yay, we can all live as humans and get along! There is no Black and White, we see no colour just peace and love. I suppose some could mean it, but personally I believe that it’s the colours green and gold which brings about the blindness! #JustSaying.

Thankfully I have the right credentials to answer the question for myself. What it means to be Black to me first and foremost is PRIDE – I am proud of my heritage despite the many setbacks we’ve faced. For centuries we’ve been used and abused and classed as lazy, dirty, worthless people, yet for centuries it was us who did ALL the work, cooked, cleaned and raised White peoples children whilst fighting to stay alive and keep our children alive – and the great White man did fuck all but rule us and reap the benefits of our free labour.

The truth is they knew our worth before a lot of us did ourselves and would do anything to keep us from recognising it. That’s why any great leader we have had and any attempt to truly better ourselves, i.e the 1920’s Black Wall Street in Tulsa, are wiped out without a backward glance. They know the truth of how great we could be and it scares them shitless. TIME FOR US TO RECOGNISE! 

I will always stand proud and never let anybody tell me I’m a lesser person than anyone a lighter shade than myself; be they white or a fairer skinned, dazed and confused brother or sister, the same rule applies – YOU WILL BE GETTING TOLD! When you know OurStory alongside HIStory then you can get a better understanding. I’ve seen people rant on about Black History Month asking where White History Month is and I really have to laugh. White History Months run from January to December continuously – it’s all we were ever taught in school with the only mention of anything in regards to Black History being one of slavery and oppression. That’s the reason why we celebrate OurStory, because there is so much more to us than that which they choose to account of us. I understand where the concept of Black History Month came from but personally I don’t need a particular month to celebrate it, that’s not to say I won’t participate in any events at that time, I’m just saying my interest won’t end on the 31st and a lot more of us need to make the conscious effort not to let it too!

Secondly – BLACK IS MY COLOUR!…well…no…not literally – I’m more of a Nutella brown to be fair but I’m more than ok with being called Black. Considering the issues that are going on in the world right now I wonder at those who take the time out to argue this particular point. Got all the time in the world to air that out but stay silent when we are literally dying in the streets for being the same colour you would like to wash your hands of. Why? There’s no shame in it – being Black does not make us dirty and unlovable like being White doesn’t make them pure and true. I’ve seen the videos about not being black and being labelled, and how we’re all the same but in different packaging, and that’s true to a certain extent and great in an ideal world – but this world is far from ideal and unfortunately the ones who run it see our colour prominently and it’s not all love! You may not want to see it but others always will. #RealTalk.

Lastly being Black to me means a love of my ethnicity, culture and a love of our spirit. We originate from some of the most beautiful places with the richest resources in the world and we are strong, resilient and some of the most talented people on the planet. No, we’re not all perfect but show me a collection of people that are. I don’t think there’s any other culture that has influenced so many others in regards to music and dance and swagger – they wannabe us but don’t want to be us! It’s flattering and insulting at the same time but it’s all gravy! As much as they try to bring us down we still remain standing and that’s why I started with pride and will end on it too. Only those who wish to do us down and keep us down will say we have nothing to be proud of. #RealTalk.


R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Good luck to those moved on from the Jungle camp. I hope you find a resolution to your plight soon.

Don’t Lose Who You Are, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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