Karma Chameleon

“Love it would be easy if your colours were like my dreams
Red, gold and green. Red gold and green…”

Karma Chameleon ~ Culture Club

I was going to tell you about a particular tale that happened to me over the past few weeks but that can wait as ultimately it was part of a bigger lesson that I’d prefer to address.

This is a message to those who believe that they can behave in any which way without some form of consequence. I’m here to confirm that good or bad, your actions will come back to face you at some point in the future.

The past fortnight I’ve been shown example after example of how karma works. She has a wide and varying spectrum and can be big and bold or subtle as fuck, but she’s always at work. For some of us it appears she’s on a long ting – I can truly testify!🙋🏿‍♀️🤣 – but she’s here to teach us timing is everything.😮‍💨

You already know how it goes if you’re on the love train, but to those passengers on darker rides enjoy it whilst you can. Life is never all it seems. Despite it appearing a safe and secure journey at some point it stops and the lights turn on, and whatever colour you’re rocking, be it red with rage or the blood of humanity, gold with light or the glint of greed or green with envy or love of the Earth, karma is a chameleon and will adapt to greet you.

Who don’t hear will definitely feel.

R.I.P Leon Christian. Sincerest condolences to your family and R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Rest Easy King Tony (Bangy) Cunningham. A fitting send off for the legend you were and remain.🙏🏾

Congratulations to the Bailey and Henry families on the birth of beautiful baby girl Nellie Tara Bailey~Henry.🥰

I’m sure Nanny Tara is watching and guiding with pride as always.😍🖤💚

Happy 31st Anniversary to the Mr and me!💞 As it forever goes, still working through the highs and lows, sure in the knowledge that it’s love that follows.😘

Just to confirm, no I haven’t been away; my ebony glow is the effect of me topping up to the maximum because, a la Game Of Thrones – winter is coming, and with it my usual vitamin D deficiency (🙄😩) so I’m grabbing every ray in the hopes of a slow release system during the ‘Bers!☺️…👀…Ok, I’m pretty certain that’s not how the science works but let me live, cha!🤣

Match Made – Poison Or Peace? Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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