Ha, Ha, Black Sheep!

I’m keeping it as short and sweet as an Easter egg this week as I’ve had a lovely weekend spent with family and would like to spend today doing the same.

I’ve previously touched on the subject of family and my perception of the word and my sentiment remains the same – being blood doesn’t mean a thing, it’s how you treat a person. (It’s A Family Affair)

Easter is one of the times of year I would usually congregate with my maternal siblings, not because of the religious aspect, but more a reason to spend family time together.

For the past couple of years those days have been done and dusted and yet you won’t find me bawling over my hot cross buns anytime soon.

Some folk are under the impression that you’d be at a loss without them in your life or you’re missing out by not being a part of their collective.

I was told by a sibling that I didn’t count as part of the family. You’d be forgiven for believing I’d done something atrocious but the reality is I just spoke the truth, which can hurt like a bitch, so therefore I must be one.

The truth can be too much to handle and rather than face it some take offence, deny and/or attack; that’s on them. In my opinion, I don’t care who you are, if I think you’re out of order or have a situation wrong I will say so with love, take it as you will, but I’m gon’ say it.

Their response to oust me from the family really doesn’t mean much as I have no interest in being associated with their type – they actually made it easier for me to not give a damn in the long run. #RealTalk

Yesterday I spent the day with extended family who I have more in common with and made me feel more at home than blood. I would rather spend my quality time with those on a level than with wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to pull the wool over my eyes any day of the year.

You can cast the black sheep out of the family but most times that just makes us happy bunnies. #JustSaying

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Happy Monday, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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