First Timer!

After years of being told I should do it, I have finally decided to write my own blog! I’m not sure how often it’ll be – probably on a weekly basis, and there will be no rhyme or reason to what I write. It’ll be random but relevant to something I’ve either experienced myself or in the news that week.

Don’t worry RAW ladies, I won’t be invading your Wednesday spot on the regular! I’ll probably write up on a Friday, it’s just today was a kinda big day for me and a good place to start. You see today was my first check up since being told I was in remission last year. Although I’ve had A LOT of stress to contend with in that time, (a blog will soon be coming about all that TRUST ME!!)

I’ve felt ok, apart from the lovely neuropathy that chemotherapy so generously left me with. (Cheers mate! As if you hadn’t given me so much already!) I did, however, wake up feeling rather emotional. My rock would not be by my side where he’s been for every oncologist appointment I’ve had. I couldn’t feel too much of a way though as he was away organising things for our future so I sucked it up and pulled up my big girl pants. Then I checked Facebook and they’d made a little video of us celebrating being friends on there for 6 years. It was like sign I tell thee! Even though I’m fully aware of it, it was nice to see the pictures throughout the years and to know that there is someone who truly loves me and has my back.

Having cancer allows you to wake up and smell the bullshit of life! You get to see a lot of people for who they really are and how they truly stay! I guess I just want to say make sure you show your love and appreciation to those special people in your life as it is short and tomorrow is never promised. It’s not always about the big things. The little things – like holding your hand in a waiting room – can mean so much more.

I am glad to announce that I am still in remission (Woop! Woop!) and the Mr came back today so I am one happy bunny!!!😁



Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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  1. Mandi
    Mandi says:

    Yes Dawn on all counts!! Yes your blog is finally here, I for one have been waiting for this forever!! And YES YES YES you’re stil in remission!!!
    Love you girl always keeping it real!!! Xxx

  2. Lorraine Ellis-Justin
    Lorraine Ellis-Justin says:

    Beautiful read Dawn! So eloquent in the way you write….seriously I think what you blog you should consider publishing. So glad that the evil within has been banished from your beautiful soul and you are heading towards a wonderful new life…..look forward to reading more from you xxx


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