Excuse Me, Do You Have The Time?

Well it’s been another corker of a week! Plane crashes, earthquakes, fires, floods, climate change, giraffe extinction, Nigel Farage nominated for Person Of The Year and Donald Trump winning the position! You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not only the end of the year, but the end of the world!

I read somewhere that a Christian computer programmer has predicted that Jesus will return at the end of the month to take the chosen few to Heaven whilst the planet is left sterile for 1000 years of rest. I’m presuming the figures have been double and triple checked after the millennium hiccup….though 16 years grace ain’t too bad!

I don’t really want to mock her, her beliefs are what they are, but I can’t understand why someone would spend their time calculating when they think they’re going to die or be delivered into the light. What a fun way to spend your life…not!

I know we’ve all got to die one day but I’m not going to spend my time waiting on it; there’s way too much to explore and do in between. I hope she’s at least seeing it out with a bang!, though not too much of a bang – wouldn’t wanna be put on the naughty list at the last minute! A sterile Earth or the flames of Hell? #DecisionsDecisions

Seriously, I’d much rather spend my days (however many more there may be), living! I’m not even aiming for the high life, just a good life will suffice! I’m not going to lie and say a little (or large) cash injection wouldn’t be appreciated at any given time, but it would be used wisely…well that is to say what I call wisely. I’m afraid I fail to see the wisdom in a pair of £500 shoes that cripple your feet but that could be because I’m sippin’ on tea and not Cristal.

Despite all the fuckeries happening in the world of late there’s so much to live for. If we could just figure out how to solve the unity issue it’d be an even better place to be living in. A great starting point is talking and listening. A lot of problems would be solved if people opened up and talked more and others took the time to hear. As I mentioned last week, I’m as open with my daughters as I possibly can be and will discuss anything with them – ANYTHING!

Obviously when they were younger it was age appropriate but I would never fob them off or be too embarrassed to talk about whatever they wanted to or whatever I felt they needed to hear. As well as feeding and clothing them we, as parents, have a responsibility to try our best to raise them right as they will eventually have to roam this big, bad world without us one day so I’d like them as wised up as possible in every aspect.

This brings me on to two other subjects in the news this week that are related to the above. The men speaking out after decades of silence about the abuse by their football coaches and the MP, Michelle Thomson on her rape at 14, 37 years ago. I can only imagine how they have felt throughout the years and it’s truly sickening and upsetting that they’ve had to live with it on their own for so long.

Listening to their accounts of how they felt ashamed and alone is a prime example as to why I talk to my girls and would persuade you to do the same with your sons and daughters if you’re not doing so already. Let them know they can come to you and you’ve always got their back no matter what anybody says. If they’re too embarrassed to talk to you let them know they’ve got options, just make sure they are talking to someone. And let’s not get it twisted – THERE ARE PARENTS THAT ABUSE THEIR KIDS! PERVERTS KNOW NO BOUNDS!

I’ve read one too many stories about women who allow this shit because of disbelief or a blind eye and it makes my stomach churn and my blood boil. I’m sure there are some children that lie about such things for whatever reason, but they are children and we as adults have to step up and find out the truth; the days of being seen and not heard are over.

I’m hoping that it would never arise (EVER!) but hypothetically speaking, if one of mine had come to me with such talk I’m on some next level Miss Marple/CSI/Law And Order/SVU shizzle. I would be relentless trust me, and God help the perpetrator! Some things are worth doing time for!

My advice goes to adults and children alike. Don’t be scared to open up. Life is better spent enjoying it than suffering in silence. Should things go according to (Ig)Nora Roth’s calculations, we’ve only got 3 more Fridays left to enjoy. It may not be the case but it should stand as a reminder to make the days count and to make time and take time to talk. A few minutes of listening can have a bigger impact than you’d imagine.

We only get one stab at this! I will be doing what we were born to do as well as I possibly can safe in the knowledge that despite what is thrown at my daughters they know they are never alone.


R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

It’s Good To Talk, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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