Disclaimer (Part 3)

Naturally when you put people on blast publicly you put yourself up for review too. With that in mind this part of the disclaimer is to address the clap back that I know is coming as it’s been thrown at me before.

I have no doubt that you will be told to ignore the things you will read because, ”I need to stop smoking all that dope because I’m fucked up in the head!”*

Let me set the record straight.

I have smoked cannabis since the age of 18. Eighteen. Government adult status; and anything I do or I’ve done as an adult I will own. It’s not something I shout from the rooftops, but it’s not something I hide either. If I’m asked I won’t lie. The most important people in my life know and so does my doctor so as far as I’m concerned, I’m good!

Supposedly it’s a gateway drug. I can testify that that is bullshit. No drug is a gateway to any other drug. If you have that type of addictive personality then that’s the way you’ll go. There ain’t no gate, just a way! Like most drugs there are various varieties and I wish more people would care to do their homework before chatting breeze!

There is a big difference between certain types of cannabis. I’m not about to give you a lecture (today!), but I will say that there’s a big difference between what I smoke and skunk; which seems to be the only one these people know. I don’t touch it or any other type that is chemically enhanced. I prefer it the way Mother Nature made it.

I always knew about the healing properties of cannabis but wasn’t that interested until I got diagnosed with cancer. Since then it hasn’t just been about the recreational side but the health side too. The big pharma companies are daylight robbers and the way the whole system works is corrupt from the core. Go through the effects of chemotherapy and the lasting side effects then come chat to me and tell me you wouldn’t want a natural, less harsh option. (Now You See Me (Part 4))

I can well believe that skunk and those types can lead to schizophrenia and other mental health issues. The few times I’d tried it in the past I got headaches and it didn’t take me long to put the two together. I’m not a masochist so it wasn’t a hard decision to stop smoking it.

I’ve heard people say there’s not enough research being done to justify legalising it yet. Why is that? Cancer Research have had billions in donations over decades. What’s the deal? Why only focus on the ‘cure’ that causes more damage? Like I didn’t already know.

If it was legalised and regulated they’d have less to worry about and they’d know what they were dealing with. Well, there may be no research on that chemically modified shit, but Rastafarian’s have been smoking for centuries and are some of the most easygoing and conscious people you could hope to meet. That’ll do for me.

The only other drug I have tried is half a trip back in ‘93. It was a trip I have never felt the need to go on again! I lived across the road from my godparents then and they were having a party. My friends and I walked in and it was pure jokes. There was a woman there and I swear she looked just like Bugs Bunny. We were in stitches…she on the other hand, must have thought we were nutcases.

Anyway I got home and went to bed but couldn’t quite concentrate on sleep as I was freaked the fuck out by the standby light on my tv. I remember weird and not so wonderful images floating around in a red haze! Coupled with constantly feeling like I was sliding down a slope, it was a restless night and an experience I’d decided (despite laughing hard at Bugs Bunny) that I would never repeat again and I haven’t since.

I don’t touch alcohol and never have. I believe it does more damage than natural cannabis ever will but I’m no expert. I’m just going on what I’ve witnessed for myself. But that’s ok! It doesn’t matter if you can knock back enough gin to sink the Titanic – it’s legal!

I’m not a dealer or ganja farmer. My loft holds nothing but suitcases, Christmas trees, years of shit and spiders, and my electricity bills will confirm there is not, nor has there ever been, a surge in usage. I have enough for my own personal use and that’s it. If there’s nothing about I don’t smoke, it’s as simple as that.

At no point have I ever begged, gone on a rampage, or had to sell my possessions, body or soul to feed my “habit”. I present myself well, can hold a decent conversation and hold down a job. It’s purely recreational and doesn’t interfere with my work life. I’m not working at the moment but when I do, if need be I have no trouble in stopping.

For me, it’s my equivalent of all the painkillers and Omeprazole they’d prefer me to take.🙄

Obviously I’m aware of the current legal status, and I’m guessing this is what my siblings are hoping will make me keep my mouth shut. Sorry to disappoint but it is what it is. Should I receive any comeback I’ll have to deal with it, but to be honest I’m tired of waiting for this cuntry to wake up and smell the ‘herbal’ tea!

*Those words were told to me by my sister. If anything has come close to fucking me up in the head I guarantee you it’s not the weed but the manoeuvres my siblings made. Again, I’ll leave y’all to be the judge of that!

R.I.P to all those who have lost their lives this week.

Praying for the Amazon and its indigenous people.

Wtf is wrong with mankind?

It’s High Time Shit Changed, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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