A Class Act (Part 1)

There could only be one subject up for discussion this week – the atrocious and unnecessary loss of life at Grenfell Tower, which will stay with me for the rest of my days.

I had one eye open when I turned on the tv just after 7am on Wednesday morning, and at first I thought it was one of the Twin Towers (I was still half asleep, forgive me) then I caught the word LIVE in the top left hand corner, opened the other eye, turned the volume up and tried to take in what was happening…

I’m here 4 days later still trying to take it in. Like anyone else out there with a heart mine broke observing the carnage. I can’t even bring myself to discuss the full horror of it or of being sat watching knowing there were men, women, children, whole generations dying in front of my eyes. I’m honestly having difficulty putting my feelings into words and handling my emotions and I’m just a bystander, so can’t even imagine what it’s like for those directly affected.

I don’t live in a high rise but I do live on the top floor of a two storey block of flats and have thought about my escape route should, heaven forbid, we become trapped in here. Thankfully we’re low enough to jump without hopefully causing major damage or by knotting a few sheets together but you can’t help but imagine yourself in the position of the residents of Grenfell Tower and wonder what if it were me?

Massive respect goes out to the firefighters who worked tirelessly to try to help the victims. Again I can only imagine the sights they had to witness and they’re still having to face the daunting task of recovering the bodies. I pray they and everyone affected get the counselling they are so going to need. If it was love alone that could soothe a soul they would be well and truly covered. Witnessing how communities all over the country came together within hours to offer whatever help they could with thousands of donations was truly heartwarming. With all of the tension of late it was amazing to see humanity at its best at last. Sometimes it takes shit happening on your own doorstep for people to realise how precious life is…some people that is.

As more information came to light the more frustrated and angry I began to feel. It’s little wonder the people are raging, they have every right to be! WHERE WERE THE GOVERNMENT?

The residents warned the authorities that this could happen ages ago and have literally lost everything; family, friends, neighbours, their home and all of their possessions in the most horrendous of ways, knowing that their concerns were brushed off like lint on a designer suit, because that’s what they were; shit to be brushed off and covered over as an eyesore in one of, if not the most affluent parts of London.

Well now you have left them with nothing so they literally have nothing to lose when they come at you with all guns blazing. All you’ve left them with is hurt and anger and again WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU? ‘Bout you wanna turn up a day late and a dollar short with your police protection to talk to the firefighters. WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIMS? Theresa Mayhem you and Kensington and Chelsea Council are an absolute fucking disgrace and highly disrespectful but you’d better believe that the blood you and all those who play a part in this have on your hands won’t be washed away so quickly. You want to put your hands up now and admit your response was not good enough but too little too late. The people have already seen and felt what they mean to you!

I’m not sure of the exact figure but between £8-£10m was spent on refurbishing the block yet basic safety requirements were not met. What the frig was the money spent on? Why were no sprinklers installed? What happened to the fire alarms and extinguishers? Why only one flight of stairs for a 24 storey building housing hundreds of people? Who gave the go ahead to wrap the building in substandard cladding so the well to do would have a nicer view? Let’s not get it twisted – this is some fuckery of the highest level. Boil it down to what it is – a disregard of the lower class plain and simple. Issues like the above would never arise had a different class of people been living in that property without a shadow of a doubt.

I only hope the survivors get sorted and settled as soon as possible within the area they called home and the many relatives and friends awaiting confirmation on news of their loved ones are informed soon. Hear me when I say we feel for you all and will be shouting with you and for you too. The fire in people’s hearts is burning brighter than the one that took everything from you and long may it continue.




R.I.P to all those who lost their lives at Grenfell tower and throughout the week. Condolences to all of the families affected.

Much love to the survivors. May you receive all the love and help you need and more.

Happy Father’s Day to all the real dads doing the job right. Spare a thought for those unable to enjoy today.

Think Of Your Fellow Man, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife

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