Hey y’all! This is just a quick one in comparison to the last few. I’ve got a good amount lined up that are quite deep (👀), so before I put them out there I wanted to try to explain myself a bit.

I’ve said from the start, my intentions have always been to be real, honest and straight up! Over the years I’ve tried to give you an in on the real me. Naturally we all have things that are private and we want to keep to ourselves, that’s totally understandable, and as forthcoming as I am I feel the same way about certain circumstances too.

The thing is, the majority of the time the things you do can affect others and the effects can be damaging. There’s only so much you can hide when your actions impact other people, and others are not obliged to keep your misdemeanours quiet – especially when it has a knock on effect on their lives.

We all have possibly said or done things that can be deemed as negative or have a negative impact on others.


I won’t go over it again, By His Deeds Shall A Man Be Known explains it all, so check it out if you need a refresh!

There are many theories on why we are the way we are. Some say it’s written in the stars and regularly follow their horoscope in an attempt to make sense of this game of life. Supposedly, depending on what day you were born, it can determine certain characteristics and traits. Although I’m not a diehard believer, I think there must be something to it. I can’t deny I know a few people who fit the bill of what their sign represents and see it in myself too.


From the beginning I’ve said I had a tale to tell once the time was right, and I fully expect to be judged, which is why I’m putting this out there before I begin. It’s because I honestly don’t give a fuck and want to make sure that it’s abundantly clear. This part of my disclaimer is to clarify the type of person that I am. I don’t know if you believe in signs (not just of the star variety) but I do, and perchance happened to click on an article that I believe I was supposed to see.

Like I said, I’m not into the whole Mystic Meg shit but this was different. I wasn’t looking to see what the future holds and this wasn’t about that. It broke down my sign into 3 characters depending on what date you were born and described the traits of that person. I can feel you all tuning out about now but I beg you to humour me for a minute more!

I’m quite good with words, but I don’t feel like I have truly described the drive and emotions behind me wanting to air and share. It summed it up almost perfectly for me. That’s not to say I completely agree with everything as was written. I actually think I’m a bit of all three, but can most definitely relate to my particular description.

I had originally posted the link so you could see for yourselves exactly what I meant but it seems to have disappeared. It’s all good though, right about now all you need to know is my birthday is November 21st – Scorpio baby with a sting in the tail.

Just how sharp that is some will soon get to know!

R.I.P Uncle Rudy and all those who have lost their lives this week.

Wishing Larry and Brenda speedy recoveries.

It’s Written In The Stars, Stay Blessed & #CelebrateLife